There Is Something Very Wrong With These Girls, Can You Guess What?

 When it comes to intelligence girls don’t quite cut it in, you and I, we all have heard this many times! But what makes me curious is, is it just a slang, or has it got some reality in it? Well, dear girls, no offence but many of us have often seen people saying that either we (girls) come with no brain or our tender heart allows us to lend it to others. Whatever may be the reason, we have already earned this title. But if you girls have any doubt it, I can assure you that the snaps I am going to show you will prove it that we literally are crazy at times. We behave so insanely that our activities get insane!

But we are girls, and we can dare to cross any levels of insanity according to our whims and fancies. Witness madness:

Omg. What are these girls exactly are trying to do?

1 What are they doing?
 Seriously, girls?

2 Be careful
 Don’t you think you should be more careful?

3 That’s Not What You Think
 That’s not going to tell your weight

4 Any Problem There?
 Did you just come out of the printer?

5 The Pout
 That’s not a pout! That’s some ugly thing!

6 The Pout
That’s not a pout! That’s some ugly thing!

7 The Girl In Blue
  Did you forget to wax?

8 Nest in the making
 WHOA, what’s that now?

9 Picture Obsession

10 Gross
 That’s just gross!

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