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This Artist Doodles Monsters Next to the Subway Riders and The Results are Hilarious

Next time you’re riding on a subway, tune in to Ben Rubin’s Instagram page: Subway Doodles. You’ll have an interesting ride.

Ben is a talented artist who rides the subway almost daily from Park Slope in Brooklyn to Manhattan, and during his commute, he draws all sorts of interesting subway doodles such as monsters attacking unsuspecting passengers and more.

In this post, we have listed up some of our favorite Doodles by Rubin. Scroll on and enjoy a peep!
Single and ready to mingle

 Bad manners
 You're in my spot
 Over my head
 Make some space
 Grim Reaper's here for ya
 Got a present for his daughter
 At least now his wife will look at him all the time
 Pet traveling
 Romantic evenings with bae be like
 Something more than a...
 Sleeping like a baby
 Batman a while
 Watch where you're going crazy one
 You're my cuddle buddy
 Space issues
 One of us sleeps while the other one's on guard duty
 Me after I find out I'll be working Saturday
 Wanna try some?
 The demon from under my bed has been going places
 Travel Partners for life
 Trick or treat
 The concrete jungle
 Winters got me like
 Eye of the audience
 Anywhere you go, anything you do, I'll be watching you!
 Stuart has really grown up
 Surprise Surprise!!
 Try some candy please?
 When you're too bored on the subway
  Spot the remaining ears
 Who's the real boss?
 Stinky Candy
 Depression is real



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