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We’re Struggling to Understand These 15 Baffling Photos

 Have you ever seen something that you struggled to understand? Made you ask yourself, “Do my eyes deceive me, or is that what I think it is?”

Well, this list of photos is chock-full of those feelings, so prepared to be baffled, bamboozled, and straight-up confused.

1. Is that dog eating his own sign?
 2. This man on the subway looks like a certain famous physicist…
 3. This might look like the view of a distant forest from the top of a cliff, but it’s actually a puddle full of seaweed.
 4. “My muffin looks like my dog.”
 5. “Dog-shaped ice cream.”
 6. “The shadow of this waiter putting down a plate looks like he’s going to murder me.”
 7. As if spider webs weren’t spooky enough already…
 8. “My beach-scented candle has turned into a scene reminiscent of the beach.”
 9. The top of this moth looks like a snowman.
 10. Believe it or not, this sculpture is made of bronze, not wood.
 11. Mushroom or sloth? You decide…
 12. This moth’s wing looks like the head of a snake.
 13. “The old upholstery on this chair makes it look angry.”
 14. “This picture I took of 2 swans looks like one swan with a smaller second head.”
 15. Once you see the tiny hand at the bottom of this corn plant, you can’t unsee it.



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