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12 Best Underwater Hotels On Planet Earth

Even though our primitive instincts have been totally replaced by modern luxuries and comforts, we always seek to go back to the earth. There’s something that pulls us to all things natural, untamed and basic. Why do you think we fancy climbing treacherous mountains or even falling off lofty structures through bungee jumping? It’s our most primitive natural instincts at play. Well, you know what? Underwater hotels combine the experience of feeling one with nature and enjoying pampering comforts. You are living as close as you can to underwater life, yet have fluffy towels and well-appointed rooms to look forward to. Here’s our list of the world’s 12 best underwater hotels.

1. Floating Villa, Dubai

 Forget living in hotels, you could soon own your underwater villa for as less as $2.7 million. Designed by the renowned Kleindienst Group, the Floating Seahorse Villas will be one of its kinds, castaway about a couple of miles from the Persian Gulf coast. In addition to the primary floor, the villa will comprise of an upper and lower deck (underwater). The villa will be equipped with an outdoor shower, a small kitchenette, and a full glass bottom Jacuzzi. The level underwater will feature a the master bedroom that offers fabulous views of the region’s marine wonders from its full glass windows.

2. Utter Inn, Sweden

 Artist Mikael Genberg’s floating art project is a sight to behold! Docked at a short distance from the stunning Lake Malaren, this underwater wonder has a room jutting out of water, while the other rooms are submerged a cool ten feet under water. These two distinct sections are linked by a ladder. What’s even more exciting is that they whisk you off the Vasteras port by boat, a la Bond style, and then you are on your own with specific instructions for visiting the almost uninhibited, cast-away island. You may not be dazzled by the facilities at Utter. The hotel features a minimalist bedroom with windows that overlook Malaren’s swimming creatures. Enjoy close encounters with the region’s marine life, and get dinner served in-room with Utter Inn’s deluxe option.

3. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

 Coming from the Hilton stable, Conrad Maldives is tropical luxury at its best! The resort doesn’t feature any underwater rooms, there’s a stellar underwater restaurant, the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (16 feet below water surface). Known as the planet’s foremost all- glass underwater restaurant, Conrad has been named as the planet’s most beautiful restaurant by none other than New York’s Daily News. If you’re not suffering from aquaphobia, you’ll have a whale of a time here! Well, yes literally.

4. The Hydropolis, Dubai

 According to their claims, the Hydropolis calls itself the world’s first fully operational underwater hotel. The quirky and whimsical hotel is described as the luxury hotel version of the human body, complete with various organs being depicted architecturally. Hydropolis’ original creators plan to make 220 underwater suites that cover as much area as London’s famous Hyde Park. Located in the proximity of Jumeirah Beach, The Hydropolis will be one of its kind!

5. Ocean Suites, Sentosa Resort World, Singapore

 Just like Atlantis, Ocean Suites comes with all the frills of a fun-filled theme park resort. The Equarius Hotel features a dozen Ocean suites. While the upstairs area has a swanky jacuzzi and verandah, the underwater bedroom opens into one of the planet’s most massive aquariums, which is an area of Sentosa’s Marine Life Park. The room comes with all the trimmings of an upscale resort including automatically dimming lights when you raise the viewing is lifted.

6. Poseidon Resort, Katafanga Island, Fiji

 Well this five star underwater resort is as luxurious as it can get complete with the frills of travelling on a personal submarine down the lagoon to an underwater chapel. Imagine dining under the ocean on a scrumptious meal. Plans are also in the offing for another resort in the vicinity. Double the luxury!

7. Manta Resort Underwater Hotel Room, Tanzania

 Another much sought after Mikael Genberg architectural structure, the Mantra Underwater resort looks like a swankier version Sweden’s Utter Inn submerged thirteen feet below water, with three fancy levels. There is a landing deck at sea level, which has a bathroom, and spacious lounge area. The roof patio is great for basking in the sun during day time, and star gazing at night. Right under the waves is a cushy double-be, and 360 degrees views of underwater life.

8. Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, China

 Around thirty miles from downtown Shanghai, the 19 level hotel is nestled right under Tianmenshan Mountain in an isolated water quarry. The lowest two floors will be submerged under water, and will house everything from exclusive guest rooms to a swanky, state of the art restaurant that overlooks a huge glass aquarium. Not impressed? Well, guests can also look forward to their fill of adventure activities including water sports and bungee jumping.

9. Lovers Deep, St. Lucia

 Want premier entry into the region’s much sought after mile low club? Lovers Deep submarine is the way to do it in style! At around $150,000 per night, this qualifies as one of the world’s most expensive romantic suites. Watch the stunning St. Lucia corals or a wrecked Red Sea battleship as you seduce your beloved in the middle of the ocean. They’ll go the whole hog to ensure you have a lovely time, including offering you a specially created aphrodisiac menu and shower for two.

10. Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

 You can access the entrance of this swish two bedroom underwater hotel is to dive 22 feet into the water. For divers who aren’t certified, there is a cash course that trains you how to dive in about three hours. The erstwhile marine experiments lab has now been transformed into a hotel since 1986.

11. Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

 Can the lost city of Atlantis ever be found? The answer is yes, under the water in Dubai. This ultra luxe theme park destination features a couple of underwater suites called Neptune and Poseidon that overlook the Ambassador Lagoon and its marine treasures. Well, you can’t expect anything other than a spectacular experience when your bed is just a few feet away from the sunken ruins of a lost city. Impressed? Well, we are!

12. Water Discuss Hotel, Dubai

The Water Discus is an idea that’s similar to a mobile home that’s thrown under water, only more swish with gourmet restaurants thrown in for added luxury. If that didn’t get you salivating already, the hotel plans to feature a couple of discs, one right above the Dubai’s balmy waters, and the other submerged below it, housing no less than 21 well- appointed rooms. Since there’s little parking space here, they’ve come up with an ingenious solution – a helipad.



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