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12 Shocking Proofs That Our World Is Full Of Lies

 Are you habituated in basing your consumerism choices on commercials? A gummy with a citric flavor, a subway that is as long as it says it is and much more. The answer to the question does not make you stand out as an individual because the majority of consumers are swayed by promos and commercials. Advertising companies spending billions of dollars on commercials, investing in creativity and brand building exercises, social media, the whole works are all proof of the influence commercials have on a consumer. The problem is not always will you get what you see portrayed in a commercial. In addition, there are many things in life that you may be viewing from an outdated perspective. To enlighten you, here are 12 shocking proofs that our life is full of lies and of course some incredible facts that we never knew about.

Baby carrots are fictional.

There is no such thing as baby carrots, those little crunchy carrots that you love to munch are actually regular carrots and the reference to the word baby is only an indication to its size and not as a type of carrot. This is just another promo trick.

 In fact, baby carrots were invented by a Californian farmer Mike Yurosek in 1980 when he found his regular carrots weren’t selling because they were too ugly to look at. He used an industrial shape cutter to turn them into baby carrots. The effect was incredible and carrot consumption had increased 30% by 1987. Today baby carrots make up 70% of total carrot sales in the US.

 The Olympic gold medal is made of silver

Olympic gold medals are made up of a composition of 494 grams of silver and just 6 grams of gold. The only time an Olympic gold medal was made from pure gold was during the Stockholm Olympics of 1912 when the medal weighed 24 gms and cost $14.58. Today that would cost nothing less than $21,200.

 You may be pouring milk the wrong way

A milk carton also has its own secrets and the picture shows you how to pour milk correctly. By doing this, you no longer will be pouring half the contents onto your table.

 The box of chicken nuggets

Here’s another little something showing how our life is full of lies. This is also another intelligent marketing trick where no one ever actually counts the number of nuggets pictured on the box. If you do, then you will find there are 11 nuggets on the box in comparison to just 10 inside.

 Subway is a cheat

Subway thinks nothing of promoting 30 cm sandwiches but cutting off just an inch because who is going to notice. You won’t be purchasing a subway with a measuring tape now will you? This is a clever hack by the popular sandwich company and imagine the amount of savings when taken in total.

 Pavements are not laid manually.

Many of us still think that stone block pavements are laid manually but technology has advanced to the point of making this a fully automated process. Although in developing countries, paving may still be a manual process, in developed countries, this is how it’s done.

The machine that is used in the procedure is called A “Tiger Stone” which swallows up tons of stone blocks producing a clean sheet of paving at the other end.

 The Popcorn button isn’t for cooking popcorn

This is another of life’s mysteries. In what other way are we to use the popcorn button on microwaves?  What if a microwave doesn’t have one at all?  Well, just buy a new microwave!!

 The secret on takeout coffee cups

The lids on plastic coffee cups have always had two functions. One is for closing the cup and the other as a drip mat where you can place the cup on a table or use it in your hand to prevent coffee from dripping or spilling.

 You shouldn’t trust your Gummy Bears

The color of gummy bears denotes their flavors, right or wrong?? Well! Pineapple is colorless, red is strawberry but green isn’t lime. It is strawberry. Yes, your green gummy bear actually has a strawberry flavor. It seems none can be trusted but jokes aside, eating too much gummy bears can give you a huge amount of gas and you may end up pooping the whole day.

 Guinness secrets

Did you know that fish bladders are used in the production of Guinness? The reason for doing so is to filter yeast cells and solid particles from the beer. So tough luck if you’re a vegan, you may have to give up drinking beer.

A gelatin-like substance called isinglass and made from bladders of fish such as sturgeon which is then added to cask beers. It grabs all the solids and yeast cells present and though in theory, the isinglass is removed, Guinness admits that some could be left over in the Beer.

 Winnie the Pooh was a girl

Who doesn’t know the world’s most favorite bear? The inspiration for Winnie the Pooh was a female bear at the London Zoo whom author A.A. Milne loved to visit along with son Christopher Robin.

 The common factor between people and snakes

A human also sheds skin just like a snake and even as we speak you may be losing skin particles. In a lifespan, a human loses at least 77 pounds of skin. Did you ever think about this?

 Our world may be full of lies but some are pretty interesting helping you learn something new everyday. Share with us if you know what can be added to this list.



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