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12 Surprising Signs That Show You’re Not Lazy but a Genius

 Do your lifestyle habits make you a procrastinator or do you possess the habits of a genius? You’ll be surprised to know that being a genius doesn’t mean you need to be prim and proper, neat and meticulous organized and a well-programmed robot. These 12 signs you’re a genius could appear crazy and weird to others but who cares.

You love reading

If you are someone who loves reading then it definitely means you are a genius. An intelligent person can never get enough of reading because it means a constant intake of information and knowledge. Be it browsing the web for information or reading a book, geniuses are always exercising an improving their brains. If your idea of relaxing is having coffee at a bookshop while pouring over titles, then you are definitely a genius.

 You are nocturnal and love staying up late

Among the signs, you’re a genius and according to science, humans have the unique ability to override their circadian rhythms (the daily cycle of activity). Humans can choose to be night owls or morning birds; however, humans, in general, are a day species as they lack nocturnal activities as a species. Ethnographic studies and have concluded that since there has ever been any evidence of humans possessing abilities to be a nocturnal species, hence, those who were of a nocturnal nature possessed a higher degree of intelligence than those who abided by normal sleep patterns. Hence, the saying “A Wise Owl”

 Talking and holding conversations with yourself

Have you ever had conversations with yourself? It invariably happens when your mind is preoccupied with a situation that you may be trying to analyze to derive a solution and then start thinking aloud. Sometimes you may be holding a conversation with someone in preparation of what to say to them especially if it involves a presentation or an interview.

According to psychologists, talking to yourself isn’t just a sign of sanity; it can even develop your brain and make you smarter. Talking to yourself helps you set goals, control temperament and avoid nasty situations by listening to your inner voice of control. In short, you’re a genius beyond doubt. You take advice only from yourself.

 Fewer friends

Lesser friends and a small social circle indicate an improved well-sorted life. It makes more sense to have a quality social life rather than be among a large group of people partying the night and forgetting who’s who the next day. Fewer friends help build a stable and meaningful relationship.

It also indicates an organized social life where you know exactly who your friends are and where to reach them at any given time.

 Still and Stagnant

You appear calm and off-handish to others but there is a lot of ideas running through that genius brain of yours. You aren’t a person who appears vibrant and energetic to others simply because all the energy is being utilized by your brain which is in active mode all the time.

Geniuses are usually those who may appear glassy-eyed and staring into thin air or daydreaming but it’s actually the opposite. While externally, you may not appear as smart or attentive, but there’s a lot going on in that brain of yours. That’s also why the saying “Deep in thought”

 You take your time

You take time because you want the task to be perfect. Have you ever observed colleagues in office who always appear to be rushing around as if super busy, agitated and hell-bent on completing a project well before time? Rushing anything except a 100-meter race is no good because there are bound to be mistaken.

You, on the other hand, will adopt a laid-back attitude, take your time and accomplish a task within a timeframe you set for yourself. Though it may seem that you’ve taken longer than expected, your work will invariably be top notch and perfect. At the end of the day, perfection is what matters most.

 You’re messy

A messy desk is always the sign of a productive genius. However, don’t confuse messy with dirty. Most geniuses will invariably want every literary resource and stationary at his or her fingertips which is why work desks, sofas and every place at home will be full of clutter consisting of literature, books, stationery and the like. Even a wardrobe may end up messy as such things aren’t given much importance.

Here’s what Albert Einstein said about a messy desk “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”  Being messy means you’re unconventional and break from tradition to do things. If you’re messy who cares, it also means you’re too busy exercising your brains and your creativity.


One of the biggest signs you’re a genius alright. When you start scribbling on even the smallest piece of paper in front of you, it means you have attention for detail. Said the famous designer Milton Glazer “When you draw an object, the mind becomes deeply, intensely attentive, and it’s that act of attention that allows you to really grasp something, to become fully conscious of it.”

Doodling as experts advocate benefits the brain while doodling and drawing give life to new ideas as doodling like art is a process of thought.


Being always calm and relaxed may make you appear lazy but it also means you can easily handle daily life events in extreme cases. People react to a crisis differently, there are those who may run around yelling and screaming making the situation worse than it seems and then there are those with their panic attacks, there will be that one person uttering a monosyllable over and over again with intense wringing of hands but you! You are more calm and composed and will always take stock of a situation for immediate and beneficial action

A nonchalant person is the sign of a genius whose brain is well organized to think in a rational and calm manner.


When you delegate tasks to others, it means you’re a leader and can get things done by others. It also means you possess the personality to get things done by making others accept the tasks you have given them. Delegating tasks to others means you have analyzed and organized a situation careful to segregate a project into its various areas of required expertise knowing who to give what.


As per the experts, there are also physical signs that you may be a genius. A half moon on the nails or the lunula is widely regarded by many as a sign of a genius. While this may seem farfetched, in truth and from a physiological perspective, a healthy lunula is widely regarded by experts and traditional Chinese medicine as an indicator of good health, energy, and immunity. Well, isn’t it safe to say that a healthy body can also contribute to a healthier brain for improved cognitive function?

  You take Frequent Naps

Research studies suggest that frequent naps make you rejuvenate your brain and makes you smarter. How true and it doesn’t really require research to know that you need rest because lack of sleep can retard your cognitive function. Most geniuses and intelligent people sleep late at night; hence taking frequent naps is the result of feeling a bit sleepy. Moreover, those who sleep more are always well rested with increased brain function.



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