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14 Comics That Show What Love Looks Like Before and After 30

 Turning 30 is a milestone in our lives which is usually seen as a negative occurrence for some vain reason psychologically. Turning 30 is now that you are 30, you are way more independent, witty and confident than you could ever imagine being 10 years ago. Your love life also changes before and after 30. But it doesn’t mean it may change in a bad way. Perhaps after 30 you start thinking about yourself some more. Here are some fun comic illustrations to show how love is like before and after 30.

An evening without “him”

When in love, separation can be a big bummer even if it's for just one night or for a week! Ask a lover in their 20s and they will tell you the grief of separation in all its horrid details. The same couple would rather use that time to nurture themselves and have some fun “me “time.

 Phone Talks

You can spot a young couple from a mile simply by their phone conversations. It’s like they are surgically attached to their phones and neither has the heart to hang up first much to the chagrin of family members or hostel roommates or even office colleagues! But when you hit 30 the relation is so stable and smooth that you don’t need constant conversations, you are just waiting for them to return home which is more than enough.


Young couples in their 20s have this strange tendency to try to make other partners jealous by fibbing about new friends they made or great clubs they visited. This is the result of insecurity in the relation in which you need to constantly make your partner jealous to check whether they love you enough or not. But the same couple after 30 would rather keep their occasional partying from their partners to prevent them from getting uselessly jealous or worried.

 Declaration of Love

When in love in 20s you need a lot of reminders and expressions of love to and from your partners such as grand gestures, gifts even phone messages etc. But after 30, the love is deeper and more rock solid and is rather shown in subtle gestures like making you a daily lunch or doing the chores before your partner gets up from sleep etc.

 Preparation for a Date

Couples in 20s are in always in a tizzy when going on a date. Undue stress for selecting the right dress, hairstyle and even sexy lingerie to please your partner is so important. But when both of you hit 30, you do not need to attract your partner with those flashy stuff anymore as you do not need any sort of physical allurement to induce your partner to love you anymore than they anyways do!


When in the 20s, couples feel the need to give and receive tokens of love which otherwise are not of any practical value but only mementoes of romance and passion like chocolates, cards, flowers etc. But when in the 30s those gifts change into something more thoughtful as you already know your partner much better and are therefore in a better situation to gift them something which they really need or desire.


When young couples go out, it is like a match between them to prove who the bigger beer guzzler is. This is to show that you are fun to your partner and not a boring person. But when in the 30s your taste changes from fun cheap beer to spending quality time while sipping quality wine and watching the sun go down.


Our perception of beauty also changes with age. In the 20s we are attracted to the pinnacles of physically beautiful of our specimens like the tall dark handsome office boss or the tall, curvy blonde chick in college. But when we hit the 30s we look for more than just physical allurement but also humor, and intelligence in the other gender which makes our choices more practical and realistic.


Young couples in the 20s just want to have fun and no, kids do not come in this picture. But the situation flips to a completely 180 degrees when a couple hits thirty. They most ardently try to be parents and they rather worry if they cannot conceive which is why now a positive pregnancy test warrants a “Hooray”!


It’s so important to always look good and nice for your partner that a lot of money and time is spent on outfits, grooming, and accessories when you are in the 20s. But when the couple reaches 30s they do not need to attract attention from their partners anymore and they can be dressed in plain T-shirts or jeans or comfy sweatshirts because they can be themselves around their partners without the fear of being judged or rejected.

 Creative people

It’s very cool to be different from each others in 20s. That’s why young couples are usually attracted to each other because they have creative ambitions like wanting to be a painter or a jazz pianist. When you reach thirty, you look in for stability and security, so those funky aspirations won't appeal to you anymore. You would rather prefer to be a professor or an investment banker.

 Spending a night together

In a typical bedroom scenario of a new couple in love, the guy is unusually romantic and in for some action while the girl would be nervous and jittery especially if it’s a first time ever or in that particular relation. But being together for 10 years all those jitters gives way to familiarity and confidence especially in the females that they are more than ready to experiment and surprise their boyfriends or husbands!

 Eternal Love

The idea of eternal love in the 20s is based on high passion, raw emotions and grand gestures which are usually fed to us from movies or famous books. By the time we hit the 30’s we have experienced a lot of the real world and real people so then the idea of “true love” changes and we look for maturity, companionship, and respect in our partners all which are usually inspired by our parents or grandparents who are still together in love.


When you are 20, and in love, you tend to do silly things. Just like the picture, your beau may tattoo your name on his chest but after thirty, maturity sets in and couples realize the things that are far more  meaningful expressions of love like taking out the trash.



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