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15 Abandoned Structures That Will Haunt You

 If you suffer from insomnia or can be easily frightened, then perhaps you shouldn't look at the photos featured in this article. A lot of the places that are going to be featured today are full of rumors of an evil past, trapped souls, and spirits. The whole compilation was 40 images long, but this episode has been condensed in the 15 of the scariest that were available. Scroll down below to see what this article is about.

The Sunken Yacht in Antarctica

 Looking at the above image, you can easily see how creepy it is. Just imagine seeing a completely build yacht submerged in the freezing ocean waters of Antarctica. For those that don't know, Antarctica is an ice-covered island located on the South Pole.

The Abandoned Sugar Factory in NYC

 The above photo is of one of the creepiest sugar factories in the world. You may be wondering how can a sugar factory be creepy, as it is a place that is supposed to bring joy to millions of people. Yet, the factory got closed in 2000 and looks like this ever since.

 The Maunsell Sea Forts in the UK

 During WWII, a lot of countries build land and sea-based fortifications in order to protect themselves from an invasion from the Axis powers. These sea ports were built to protect the ports of Felixstowe, Harwich and the town of Ipswich.

This Is the Last House on Holland Island

 You may not have heard of "Holland Island," located in the US, but it is enough to know that the place got completely abandoned in the last 50 years. This photo shows the last standing house on the island, which ultimately collapsed in 2010.

Pripyat, Ukraine

 Those that know a bit more history or geography (or that have played the "Stalker" game series) will probably instantly recognize Pripyat. That is the town that was built to house the nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Plant workers. The town got completely abandoned following the nuclear disaster.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

 Kolmanskop was a once great and flourishing settlement in the African country Namibia, but sadly, over the years the place got deserter (the exodus first began in the 1950s) and today the settlement is only ever visited by tourists and photographers.

The House of the Bulgarian Communist Party

 The above photo is of the roof of the gigantic and once-majestic House of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Ever since the Soviet Union collapsed and communism withdrew from Europe (in the year 1991), the house has been left deserted.

Chateau Miranda, Belgium

 The Chateau Miranda in Belgium was built with a special intention - that was to hide French aristocrats who were trying to flee the revolution in France (many of the French royalty and aristocrats were killed in that time). Because of the house's past, today it is a favorite ghost hunting destination.

Abandoned Church in the Czech Republic

 The above is an unedited, real photo of an abandoned church found in the Czech Republic. The figures covered in white cloth are rumored to be former church parishioners. You can imagine how scary the church gets at night.

The Nara Dreamland in Japan

 The "Nara Dreamland" is an old abandoned theme park in Japan. The park opened in 1961 and was quite popular for a time. Eventually, the park closed and got abandoned, which made for some fantastic creepy photos. The park was eventually demolished between 2016 and 2017.

A Creepy Overgrown Palace in Poland

 This palace located in Poland kind of looks similar to the Chateau Miranda in Belgium (that was used to hide the escaped French aristocracy). Anyway, looking at the above photo, you can conclude that the house must have been abandoned for decades.

The San Zhi Houses in Taiwan

 These houses from Taiwan, called the "San Zhi Houses," have a rather alien look to them. These builds are not alien though - they were built as a holiday destination for nearby stationed US military officers. The complex got closed in the 1980s due to a lack of funding.

The Jet Star Rollercoaster in New Jersey

 New Jersey is famous for a lot of things, but not for its theme parks - that is probably one of the reasons why this placed was shut down (and never opened again) after super storm Sandy hit New Jersey back in 2013.

The Floating Forest in Australia

 Once something human-made gets abandoned, it quickly gets claimed by nature. This goes not just for buildings, but for moving objects as well - such as this ship located on the shores of Australia. Some nearby residents call this place the "Floating Forest."

A Creepy Uninhabited Island in the US

There was once a guy named Bob Lee that was rich oil producer from the US. He even had his own island that was built in 1981, but over time the whole place including the structures began to fall into despair. Today, the builds still stand, although their fate is uncertain.



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