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15 Tattoo Cover Ups Worse Than The Original Tattoos

Tattoos are interesting because they can be both a positive and a negative thing at the same time. They are edgy and unique, they can be an excellent conversation starter and an ice-breaker at parties. At the same time, some tattoos can look very dated today (like the ai???tribalai??? tattoos that were all the rage back in the late 1990s), or in the case of todayai??i??s tattoos, they could have been covered-up so many times that they have lost their original point.

How Many Times Can You Find True Love?

 No One Likes AndyGrowing Up

Growing UpCanai??i??t Hide From the Playboy Bunny

Canai??i??t Hide From the Playboy Bunny
They Broke Up
 The Smart Cover-up

A lot of the people whose tattoos we are seeing today, seem to have completely messed up their cover-up efforts. Not this guy thought ai??i?? he had a small, black and white Pikachu, and he added another larger, colorful Pikachu once he got the money for a better tattoo.
 Becoming an Atheist
 Religious tattoos can be a difficult thing to have, especially if you are prone to changing your mind about what deity you believe in, or if you even believe at all. Thatai??i??s what happened to this guy who became an atheist and had to redo his old tattoo.

He Sold His Hyundai
  At one point in his life, this guy obviously loved his Hyundai. Yet, something changed, perhaps the car became unreliable (which is uncommon with Hyundai cars since they are well built), so he cover-up the Hyundai logo with a wrecking ball.

This Looks Bad
 Love and Hate
 The New Tattoo Is Even Worse
 This Is Not a Proper Cover-up
 This Is Supposed to Be a Panther
 The Grim Reaper
 Becoming ai???Decentai???



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