Just the smell of bacon in the morning (or any time of day for that matter), gets our mouth watering uncontrollably.

Check out the list that every bacon lover will definitely love

1- Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams.

2- I do believe I can do this, and get absolutely all the bacon. #Goals

 3- First off, this kid doesn’t ned to know that for everyday life, and second, yes, bacon!

 4- You know you can store applesauce somewhere else… like at the store.

 5- New baconnings.

 6- And joy, don’t forget joy.

 7- Oh you’re baconing me crazy.

 7- His name should be Bacon.

 8- Cats love bacon.

 9- Sorry, I got lost after that “I DON’T LIKE BACON” part.

 10- Or I could just get the doughnut.

 11- Everything, I tell you!

 12- Go for it, eat that bacon.

 13- Very delicious. 

 14- Bacon loves you.

 15- No one should have this story.

 16- Like heaaaaaaven.

 17- Isn’t that nice? It never lets you down, ever.

 18- The hungry is strong with this.

 19- Probably not, so let’s not even try. Just eat bacon.

Beautiful bacon baby.
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