20 Satirical Illustrations To Show How Dark Reality of Modern Society

 Our world is a darker place. Humans are slowly losing the definition of humanity where everything is defined in terms of money, social status, tags, and commercialization. Our own lives are being commercialized as a race dependent on consumerism with a total disregard for compassion, humility and empathy because today it is the world of survival and akin to the laws of the jungle where it is every man for himself. To best describe such a situation in a satirical way, take a look at these images which best sum up our correct situation.

We choke our oceans

A couple of centuries ago, we wouldn’t have needed conventions and movements to prevent marine pollution but rapidly advancing technology and mans laid-back attitude choking the seas and marine life.

 Who are we fooling?

It is so easy to crap in someone else’s backyard not knowing we too are getting our own crap thrown back at us. Now we know why earth is going for a toss.

 Toss out your plans

While a project may need a plan, life, in general, shouldn’t always be robotic. Enjoy the spontaneity of life.

 At least technology improves things

But forget about those fun classroom days

 Who’s the boss

There is a difference between a leader and a boss as you can see from the image. A leader leads in the field.

 Stop complaining and blaming

There are many who use life as blame game and those who believe in the almighty blame him often for not getting them out of trouble.

 The rich get richer

The imbalance between rich and poor in many countries don’t even allow people to dream.

 Technology is Destroying some good habits

The days of the book and the pen are slowly but surely dying. Today it’s all about iPads, tabs and computers where word processors are making the need for writing redundant.

 Rich People

It’s weird what our world has come to. There are men who are filthy rich and overflowing with money. Even after huge donation, they would still have their coffers full and then there are the poor with nothing. Earth’s resources are now sold for a premium.

 We chose labels to define us

We prefer spending million on tags that define a status. Seriously who cares if you wear a Versace or a garment from your department store? The answer is status!! As said, tags define us.

 Social media

Today the use of technology, social media and the need for attention and drama has gone so overwhelming that we would rather photograph someone dying than help them. The paparazzi exist because of a demand for such situations.

 We can’t do without technology

Got it?? Just as a dog will run to fetch a ball he finds fascinating. That same dog could well make us run if it used a cell phone.

 When humans were degraded

Even though there was a time things like apartheid and slavery existed, in spite of them being eliminated, how different are we today in terms of racism and atrocities against our fellow man.

 What parents go through?

Each time you feel like badmouthing your mom or dad or even hurting them look at this picture. Parents suffer a lot to chalk out a future for kids.

 How relevant

Well! Just as they say men are not exactly good in their treatment of women; women can be the same too.

 Remember the time

Remember the time when your mother and father held your hand because you couldn’t walk perfectly. There will come a time you need to hold their hand too.

 The way of the world

These images sum up the world of politics and world governments.

 The quest for excellence can also lead to a downfall

There are many kids who are being pressured to excel in life. Parents in many countries impose too much expectation on kids being torn apart with choices and personal preferences. Moreover, in a personal bid to achieve the top of h adder first, many end up in the ditch instead.

 Kids aren’t being allowed to be kids anymore

This image rightly sums up what’s happening in many countries especially those in the Middle East where hatred is being cultivated and harvested young.

Charity begins on social media

Yes how true, today social media has taken a hold of us to the point of wanting to impress other so much so that we feign acts of charity too.

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