20+ Times When People “Nailed” the Yoga Poses

Hilarious Caught in Act Moments Caught on Camera1 Couple goals
 2 oops !!
 3 Is that a yoga or a cat fight
 4 Beaching for the day
 5 Who does it better?
 6 Pretty Close
 7 She almost did it
 8 Aging together is fun
 9 Take note, all you who live with yogis
 10 Don't try this at home
 11 I guess she is trying to open the door
 12 Fitness fails
 13 It's a camera trick
 14 I guess he turned yoga into floss dance to cover up
 15 Monday motivation
 16 It's all about strong wrists
 17 She was zero percent close
 18 Looks Easy Lol
 19 Her commitment for yoga is on fleak
 20 Fail of the day
 21 Full marks for the view
 22 Working on it
 23 Drunk yoga!!
 24 The perfect 90 degree angle
 25 You choose yoga / vodka?!
 26 One day we'll get it right

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