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21 People Who Totally Asked The Wrong Guy For Photoshop Help. His Results Are Hilarious

 One of the most mischievous internet trolls on twitter is James Friedman. But in spite of that he has a huge fan following and even gets requests from people for his photoshopping skills. But be careful of James because what you ask for you just get literally and there’s no telling in what way he will interpret your request. Here are some of the people who asked James for his help, but got some hilarious results instead. Check it out.

This will prove you have to be specific for James

This guy actually criticizes his partner for her flat chest. But then again, are physical assets so important? And, here’s what he got from James when he wanted bigger ones. He got exactly what he wanted. .

 Make my dad look the other way

And, that’s exactly what James did. Except, of course he forgot to turn dad’s body as James will interpret you literally if you don’t watch out. She asked for a head turn, and that’s exactly what she got.

 James made him look taller

Well, he does look taller now because dad has been made shorter. This is a hilarious photo no doubt. As an established graphic designer, James is quite famous. In fact he was also nominated for the Shorty awards in the weird category.

 He sent this guy to Miami

James lends his assistance to people to take silly photographs to the most absurd levels of weirdness which is why he has fans screaming for laughter. Since many of the requests aren’t very specific.

 Don’t ask James to move your face

Or else this is what he will do. James takes several liberties to make the photo insanely funny. He takes extreme liberties with his posts. This one is particularly hilarious and looks like some weird deformity as a body with only a face.

 Don’t try to outwit James

There are many who try to outwit James by trying to be more specific, but given the creative ingenuity of James, he always has a comical answer to everything. You might as well resign yourself to be animated or look stupid when it involves James.

 Make sure your spelling is correct

With James you have to be careful. Even the slightest spelling mistake and he is going to use that against you as this woman found out. What she wanted was an angel with wings but she typed angle instead and that’s what she got.

 She wanted an ass

Be careful when asking for body parts. James will either add something that interprets the word literally or do something to make you look hideous instead. He is extremely crafty that way.

 A mischievous genius

James maybe mischievous but it takes a genius mind to come up with such fantastic humor. This guy wanted to jump away from something so James inserted the one responsibility. That’s pretty cool.

 He wanted company

Well, this guy wanted company and so James put on the TV for him. One woman once wanted bigger boobs and James added a massive pair. She wasn’t amused but then that’s James for you. Be prepared for the worst.

 They wanted new hairstyles

And, boy, did they get them. Did you see what James did? He just interchanged the boy’s hair and the dad’s beard.

 She wanted her face less round

And he made her square instead. It seems the majority of people support these weird Photoshop’s of James which is why they keep sending him requests. No one minds the jokes which are hilarious.

He wanted abs

It seems James loves harassing the men with weird interpretations of their requests. This guy wanted abs to please the girls so James painted some on him.

 She wanted to be a Harry Potter Character

James Shares a weird love-hate relationship on twitter. When people send him their photographs, they are clearly going to get roasted and yet the results are so comical you can't help laughing at yourself.

 She wanted to look prettier

Well, don’t ask James for such things as he will turn you to something else totally like this girl was given a Barbie head instead. She asked for it though as Barbie is the epitome of cuteness.

 The funniest of the lot

This really takes the cake. They wanted to be seen holding hands and James literal humor got the better of him. Now they can be seen actually holding hands. The only problem is that it isn’t each others.

She wanted to kiss a dinosaur

This woman asked to be shown kissing a dinosaur and so James made her boyfriend into one. He looks weird in fact. Hope she liked the results. James isn’t only about photoshopping. He is actively involved in campaigns against smoking.

 When you want to be part of the selfie

This Chinese guy seems to have looked away during this selfie and wanted James to position him to look like he is looking at the cameras. James gave him a camera in the photograph instead.

 This takes the cake

It seems the lady in red in the background is spoiling their photograph as a couple. Well when you put in a request to James, don’t ask him to do something as he will according to his own opinion. This is a comical example of that.

 Cyborg Demon

This guy wanted James to make him look like a cyborg and a demon. Well, it took just very little to make James grant his wish. He is now a cyborg and a demon. Incidentally, James lives in England.

 She wanted longer legs

And she got it. Now she looks more like a giraffe instead. When you want James something, make sure you put limits on your requests and give accurate measurements and directions or you may end up like this.



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