23 Years Old Mother Of Four Got Trolled For Posting A Photo Of Her Stretch Marks On Social Media

 Becoming a mother is the greatest joy for the majority of the women and it is also being said that a women gets complete only after becoming a mother but this journey of becoming a mother is a very tough one. A woman’s body goes through a number of changes in pregnancy such as increase in weight, her belly expands in order to accommodate the fetus and she experiences backaches and morning sickness. There are many other transformations which a woman has to undergo during the process of pregnancy and after the birth of child, the mother has to live with the scars on her belly which formed due to expanding of her belly.

Meet Doreen Ching

Doreen Ching is a 23-yr old woman from the Johor province, Malaysia. She is a mother of four kids and this young woman has seen a lot of transformations happening in her body during the process of giving birth to these four kids. Her skin also got stretched during the pregnancy and scars were left on her skin after the birth of the child.

 The birth of fourth kid

After the birth of fourth kid, the first thing that Doreen wanted to do was to have a look at her body. But when she saw the condition of her body, tears started rolling down from her eyes as she was not able to accept her body in this condition.

 The effect on her mind

After seeing such condition of her body, Doreen just broke down and she got so disturbed that she lost her mind and was not able to understand how to live with scars on her body. She loves her 4 kids but what has happened to her body was something which was constantly troubling her and she was not at peace with herself.

 She shared a photo on social media

She decided to share a photo of the scars that were on stomach on the social media with her complete story. She poured her heart out when she wrote that how will she be able to accept her stomach look like this for the whole life. This was a courageous move as it is very difficult to tell the world about something which you don’t like about yourself.

 The positive response that she got

There were many who praised her for being such a strong lady to have the courage to come out and talk about an issue which is faced by all the women but no one talks about it. Her post went viral and it was liked by more than 23,000 people and shared more than 12,000 times.

 There were mean responses too

There were some people who said many mean things to her and called her as an ugly woman and also said that after seeing her, they want to vomit. Some men went on to say that it is always the fault of women as they want to have so many kids and they should not have kids if they want smooth skin.

 Doreen knows how to shut down those who spoke mean things to her

She is not the one who will bear such nuisance quietly, she told them to respect the women as their mother and wife are also women and they do all the work after giving birth to a baby. She also asked such men whether they have the capability to do that. She said that her stomach doesn’t matter as she is perfect as she is and if she wants, she will wear bikini at home.

 She is back to normal

Doreen has now got busy with her life and her family. She has a loving husband and four beautiful kids and what else do you need to live a happy life. The scars that Doreen have on her stomach are formed on the stomach of every woman who becomes a mother and such scars may or may not disappear from the body.

 Some people wrote some beautiful comments

The post made by Doreen received some very beautiful reactions from those who knew that becoming a mother is very difficult but a beautiful experience. They tried their best to make Doreen understand that she just can’t ruin such a beautiful experience just because some perverts are saying mean things to her.

 Well said - we all will be old one day

This person said to Doreen that she doesn’t need any confirmation from the whole world to be happy as she has a wonderful family, she is beautiful and her family loves her. Those who body shame others are the ones who are not happy with themselves and why to worry so much about the beauty when we all will be old one day.

 Scars are beautiful

This person makes Doreen realize that these scars have happened because of the beautiful 4 kids whom she loves more than her life, so she should be proud of these scars. How can she hate those marks that have come because of her kids, they make her beautiful and unique.

 Tiger stripes of a mother

This user has compared the scars of Doreen with the stripes of the Tiger which means Doreen was compared to the tigress. It is rightly said as a mother can be both benevolent and fierce too, if she needs to protect her kids. A woman should not be ashamed of the scars as these signs tell the whole world that this lady has gone through the tough process of becoming a mother.

 Scar marks are natural and nothing to be sad about it

This user said a very wonderful thing to Doreen that with marks or without marks, she is always beautiful. He said that she should not be worried about these scars and don’t be sad because of them as she is mother of quadruplets. He also said that these scar may or may not fade away and they are part of her and her history.

 Very wisely said

This user said that when she will be old, these children will love her and take care of her and that day she will feel that these scars were a very small price that she paid. She also asked Doreen to be proud of being a mother because that is what actually means everything.

 This woman knows how Doreen feels

This woman is a mother of six kids and she has some nasty scars on her stomach but asks Doreen not let tell anyone that she is ugly or disgusting. She says to Doreen that she has adorable babies and these scars totally worth it. She also asked Doreen whether it was a single birth or multiple births of her kids.

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