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30 People Who Are Pro At Drinking

Drinkers come in various forms. There are some who don’t handle booze well. They’re knocked out after 1 or 2 shots. Then there are others who don’t feel drunk unless they’ve had at least a few bottles. The latter category usually comprises of drinking pros who like to have fun with their drinks.

In this post we have shared some impressive photos of pro drinkers having fun with their booze. Can you do the same?

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1 When dry days finally come to an end
 2 When she says come over with a beer can
 3 When you come to Chinese restaurant and using chopsticks are compulsory
 4 More in love with the bottle
 5 Don't mind these species
 6 You won't know unless you push your limits
 7 When i ask my friend to hold my beer glass for a sec and this is what happens
 8 Another Saturday night, another challenge
 9 Just Drink One small Glass a Day
 10 she has a good photographer
 11 Looks like a wine-fall
 12 Doing the Best You Can
 13 The best accessory for any woman who loves drinking
 14 Starbucks Wine
 15 SHHHH !
 16 When the chemist wants to go drunk
 17 Keg Stand
 19 Beer in boots
 20 T-Wolfing
 21 Beer bong
 22 Shotgunning
 23 Problem solved now no one would drop their glasses
 24 It finally makes sense, what these jeans are actually for
 25 Conan O'Brien's Wine hat
 26 She is using her engineer degree in a right way
 27 Making some memories
 28 I am proposing her
 29 The glass will remain full
 30 felling sorry for the guys who cant grow beard
 31 Beerios
 32 Setting the bar too damn high



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