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4-Year Old Gets Horn-like Implants To Cover Up His Birthmark

 George Ashman, a 4-year-old boy from Radstock, Somerset, England was born with a distinguishing birthmark known as haemangioma birthmark. It is a benign tumor formed by accumulated extra blood vessels right under the skin, it is also commonly known as strawberry marks due to its reddish pinkish color. These birthmarks mostly appear on the face, chest or scalp.

When George's mother, Karen saw her child for the first time after giving birth, all she could think about was the negative impact of this striking birthmark. She was very concerned that when he'll grow up and go to school with other kids they may not treat him normally. Her worries were very practical.
  Everything else is normal, it was just the fact that this mark might change his life forever.

When he was born immediately my mind raced forward ten years.

George would be the picked-on kid with no friends, no girlfriend
 After the treatments were processed in 2009, George was admitted to the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

He underwent a procedure where tissue expanders known as inflatable sacks that look like balloons were inserted in his forehead. These expanders will eventually inflate with natural body fluid and stretch the skin around the birthmark and after that, the extra skin will be used in covering up the mark in a concluding surgery.

This is what he looked like after they inserted the sacks on his forehead.

When I first saw the implants in place I was speechless. They were larger than I expected and placed on either side of his tiny head looked like horns! My cute, angel-faced baby looked like the devil! Like Frankenstein! They didn't look nice at all

 The sacks grew in size resulting in a huge horn-like extra part.

Sadly, little George became a victim of bullying wherever he went. It broke his mother's heart to see her child subjected to such cruelty which he didn't ask for.

Karen says,

I was tearful and emotional. I had no problem loving my son but others reactions were hard to deal with. I felt like everyone was against us. School kids hanging around on street corners were laughing and pointing. Children and adults would stare at George. Teenagers were worse. Pushing him down the street in his pram, people were staring at us, whispering. Hanging around on street corners they'd look up and snigger as I scuttled past with the pushchair.

 But after 4 months of treatment, it was finally time for some healing.

The boy went down with the surgery on April 2010, where they removed the implants and removed the birthmark. And they stitched the stretched skin together and everything was back to normal with just a small line of the scar.
  Now, he looks like as if nothing happened at all.

 It's truly amazing how Medical Science and Technology can change lives.



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