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Behaviors That Ruin Relationships (And How To Avoid Them)

Relationship is not about gifting chocolates on Valentine’s Day and spending time on expensive date.  Chocolates, expensive trips, shopping can’t satisfy a relationship. A healthy relationship can make people feel Content and romantic.  Always remember that healthy relationships are not about butterflies and rainbows. To have a long-lasting relationship, a couple must have a good communication, respect, understanding and patience. Trust is the key in a successful relationship, so don’t stalk your lover’s ex on social media and trust him completely. 

Relationships get spoiled, when there is a lack of communication and choice of harsh words while speaking with partner. So, for better relationship give a look at these behaviors listed below and avoid them.

1- Not Spending Time Together and Not Making Eye Contact

2-  Talking about Past Relationships. Don't talk about past relationship as it can frustrate your partner and you might be leading towards breakup. 

3- Complaining and Whining. If you are facing any issue with your partner, sharing is better idea instead of complainin

4- Forgetting Special Dates! Remember your special dates like when you met first time, engagement, marriage anniversary is very important.

5-  Facing Trust Issues? Trust is the strong pillar in long-lasting relationships. Don't stalk your partner's ex on Facebook or any social media account. 

6- Don't be Selfish in the Relationship. When you are only focusing on yourself you will leave your partner behind.

7- Don't Use Love Making as Punishment and Reward 

8- Work On These Behaviors, And Win Your Partner's Heart! 



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