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Couple Who Was Filmed Dumping Their Trash In A Wildlife Preserve Get What They Deserve

 Many people dream of going viral, but not when it's for something embarrassing or illegal.

Oftentimes, going viral for a wrongdoing can impact one's life for a very long time. But then the argument arises, why do something you know is immoral or illegal in the first place?

Back in July, a couple parked their truck in a secluded wildlife preserve looking to dump their trash.

At the time, they didn't think anyone would see them illegally dumping trash in the forest. That said, they quickly unloaded their unwanted belongings and sped off.

Last month, a video of them committing the immoral act went viral, and people have a lot to say about it...
 Hocking County Police Department in Ohio were mortified when they caught video evidence of two people dumping car tires, televisions, and other items into a wildlife preserve in their town.

Local authorities and Ohio Division of Wildlife asked for the public's help to identify the pair, which resulted in the video going viral.

While the video was able to identify the two individuals, more than one million people viewed the footage of the crime on the police department's Facebook page.
 The department also chose to publicly release the names of the people in the video: Corey Webb and Amanda Pyke, of Perry County.

Based on tips we received as a direct result of this post, we identified the two individuals. The Ohio Division of Wildlife, with the assistance of the Perry County Sheriff’s Office and their Litter Control Deputy, made contact with the two who confessed to dumping items at multiple locations.Corey Webb and Amanda Pyke, both of Perry County, were charged with Littering on State Property and Operating a Vehicle in a Non-Designated Area, both of which are misdemeanors.
Webb and Pyke were charged with littering on state property and operating a vehicle in a non-designated area.

The two will be ordered to pay for their crimes, but did they deserve to be publicly shamed for it?
The Facebook comments on the post are quite nasty, in which hundreds of people call the couple "worthless human beings," "lowlifes," and "filthy animals."

One user even went as far as to post Pyke's Facebook page to shame her even further.

Another called for the couple to get "maximum sentencing" for their misdemeanors.

Do you think the police were in the right to publicly shame this couple, or did they deserve it? Let us know in the comments!



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