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Creative Girlfriend Secretively Illustrates Her Everyday Life With Her BF

Relationships can be funny.

 Sometimes they are amusing. Other times they are weird. But they are funny. These comics prove how relationships are not tiring but beautiful.

Catana, a Saratoga Springs-based artist, lives with her bearded boyfriend and are high on love. As much as they love being around, some moments leave them spellbound to the fact that they love each other, even with all their imperfections.

1- Right, what I need. A blanket+ you and Netflix.

Who Does That ? :D

2-  Because I love to steal your hoodies.

3-  He is mine.

Yeah Cus He's Mine :D

4- I don't want to share you with anyone else.

5-  This is all I need.

Tell us in comments what your girlfriend/boyfriend do to stay with you all the time.



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