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Do You Remember The Girl On The Right? Someone Found More Pics of Her, And They’re Surprising

 Do you remember the distracted boyfriend’s girl Carla Ramos? The memes of this series hit the internet and went viral for days, but it seems that the girl is still here to stay and hit the internet for few more days. The distracted boyfriend series can be termed as ancient, but the girl is still there to rule the hearts of many with her surprising and appealing expressions. The memes come and go, but Carla has rocked the internet with her extraordinary and annoying expressions. Here are few more pictures of Carla Ramos which may make you believe that this girl can easily be shocked by almost anything in the world.

The distracted boyfriend

No girl can share her man with another lady. You can see how this girl is getting agitated and irritated by her distracted boyfriend who is trying to steal his eyes from his girlfriend and checking another girl who walked past him. So if this happens with any girl, it is quite evident for her to give those irritating and annoyed looks.

 The spy woman

This girl is already famous for her weird and annoyed expressions. Now this time she is peeping out on her boyfriend’s mobile to check if he’s not cheating on her. Just look at her expressions, it’s no less than being a detective girlfriend who is going to shoo off her boyfriend if she finds any cooked up stories.

 The kiss that he missed

In the very first picture, this boyfriend was seen checking out the girl in red dress with his girlfriend becoming really cross with him. But now look what he is up to? He is hugging his girlfriend and trying to kiss another lady. This boy is a real desperate one and is sure to get a good thrash from his girlfriend now who has already started to give those annoyed looks.

 No patch up, please!

This girl’s distracted boyfriend is always found checking out on other girls, and it is quite probable that no girlfriend is going to like such a sight. This is what her boyfriend came up with “ a bouquet of flowers,” but I really do not feel that the girl is any mood to get back to normal. As expected the girl who masters the art of making annoying faces is again up with another expression which confirms that she is not in a mood to patch up with the boy.

 Even the mobile screen is shocking

I really don’t get it what is actually the story behind this girl’s surprising expressions? Even a mobile screen can scare her is what I feel. Her expressions in this pictures show if she is fired from her job and has to now search for something new to get her shocking expressions on track.

 Even her friends are shocked

We have seen a lot many pictures of the distracted boyfriend’s fame Carla with her shocking faces. But this is yet another surprising that even her friends react in the same way as she does. I guess it is some electrons that she has passed on her to friends which make them give those terrific expressions in the same way as she does.

 Is it a sale?

This girl can easily be surprised by anything. Earlier we presumed that she was fired by her boss when she gave those shocking expressions looking at her mobile screen but this time is it a Sale? Girls can easily be attracted to the word “SALE,” and I feel she just got a message that there is a sale going on in the nearby mall. It is quite probable that most of the girls are sure to react in the same way as she does to get inside the mall and start shopping.

 A laptop can be shocking too

It's not just the mobile screen that can scare off this girl but the laptop screen too. This picture proves that Carla can easily get surprised by screens. May it be a laptop or a mobile phone, these techno-friendly devices can scare her for sure.

 Screens to paper

Not just screens but even a piece of paper can make this girl give those surprising facial expressions. I think she accidentally found a love letter written by her boyfriend to some other girl. God save the boy!

 The twinning effect

Carla’s friend is undoubtedly try on the twinning effect by trying out the same expressions as Carla. But I must say Carla is a sure winner if you sit down to compare who is capable of giving the best shocking expressions.

 Boyfriend’s phone shocks

This time is it’s her boyfriend’s phone that shocked her. Whether it is her phone or her boyfriend’s phone this girl is prone to get shocked by the screens. I doubt if it is a diamond ring that the boy s showing on his mobile to buy it for her which made her give those surprising look.

 The shocking deal

This girl can even be shocked while cracking a deal at her office. Is it because she was able to crack a good deal or is she surprised as to how she was able to crack it? God knows what the case is but again this is a picture that shows her horrified expressions.

 Being lonely

I think this lady is addicted to being shocked. She is alone at home and yet giving those weird looks, and I bet she does not have any screens in front of her eyes which may scare her. I think that it’s her loneliness that scared her off this time.

 The credit card bill

Oh my God this time it’s the credit card bill that made her give those awkward looks. Baby, who told you to shop till you drop? Now anyhow you have to bear those bills even with those annoying expressions.



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