Even Smaller Than Your Finger, These 10 Dwarf Animals Are A Wonder

 Earth is a planet that has a lot undiscovered. To unravel more, we stumbled upon these dwarf and cute AF little animals that exist on this earth. Some are even smaller than a third of your finger, and they are animals, not insects! With the pygmy marmoset wrapping its arms around your fingers, the feeling of playing with these tiny creatures is an overwhelming one. They look so beautiful, primarily because of their size.

FYI, there are pygmy elephants that exist! This list will surely make you learn a lot of facts about the dwarf animals that play around in the corners of this world. Each one has a different habitat in which it dwells, and also most of them need special terrains and conditions to survive. They are a cuter version of the 'wild'life!

Have a look at this list of dwarf animals that will make you go 'Awwww'! Do share with wildlife or pet lovers in your groups.

#1. The Pygmy Marmoset

 This creature is so small that it can wrap its arms around your fingers. They are found in the rainforests of the Amazon basin. They are so cute that having one as a pet is an instant wish! 

#2. Pygmy Leaf Chameleons

 You may have seen chameleons, but these are tiny and adorable. They can vibrate when they sense danger. They are a calm species and have a life span of nearly 1-3 years.


#3. The Pygmy Mongoose

 A small tiny breed, but they are a mean group. They are darn scary for snakes as they can enter those spaces which their bigger counterparts can't. Well, a warning for you: They make horrible pets!

#4. The Pygmy Jerboa

 It's a little rodent that is found in the Middle East and Africa. They can hop like kangaroos because of their legs. They love to eat grass and seeds and can survive on very less water.

#5. The Pygmy Owls

 It is also called as an owlet. They are found in North and Central America. They look so tempting that you might want to take one home, but they are fierce and aggressive.

#6. Borneo Pygmy Elephants

 Although elephants are adorable, these tinier versions are even cuter. They are even smaller than a regular elephant at birth. They are counted in endangered species now. Their population has declined by nearly 50 percent over the last 60 years, and the major reason is a loss of habitat.


#7. The Pygmy Hippopotamus

 In comparison to their large and mostly ugly beings, the pygmy hippopotami are pretty cute. They are not tiny but are nearly the size of a lion. They are found in parts of West Africa.

#8. Pygmy Shrews

 It is tiny. Thus it is darn cute. It is only nearly 2 inches long. You will be astounded at its eating habits. To stay alive, it eats every 30 minutes and has a diet three times its body weight.

#9. Pygmy Seahorse

 The pygmy seahorses are a vibrant species; they only dwell in their habitat. They are found in the Western Pacific, from Southern Japan to Northern Australia. They attach themselves to a host to survive, and that host is a coral. Most of their time is spending either resting or eating.

#10. Midget Obese Giraffe

Well, this is an altogether opposite to usual giraffes that we have seen. It is neither tall nor slender. It is short and obese. It has a much shorter life span as compared to normal giraffes. Well, this is a cuter version of tall giraffes.

We hope this piece broadened your horizons on the varied species of animals that exist.

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