Denim and blue jeans are one of the most popular dresses and everyone all around the world wears them. Their simplicity in wearing is what makes them so valuable – you just slip into the pants and you are good to go.

But do you know why those 3 small buttons are included in the jeans pocket. Read on to find out.

They clearly don’t hold anything neither do they help close our pocket.

1. We mostly wear jeans because they are comfortable, and they can make you look stylish and fashionable especially if you wear an appropriate shirt with it.
 2. Their origin dates back to 1872, more than 140 years back.

 3.The main reason was that workmen were in dire need of a dress that can sustain the rough working environment and wouldn’t tear under pressure as they are working.

 4. Jacob Davis used a solution called “copper rivets” to repair the torn clothes.

 5. He didn’t have enough money, so he asked a fabric supplier, named Levi, for help.

 6. That is how the riveted pockets came, and they were highly successful.

 7. We definitely love those copper buttons on our jeans pocket since they are an integral part of the attire.

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