Guy Tries To Make His Ex Jealous With Photo With New Girl, Backfires Horribly

We all know that breakups are hard and quite painful on emotional level. You have your good moments and reliability with one person, but then one day you wake up and they are nowhere around you. Well, you are lucky if you have had a horrible ex. Then, it means that you got freedom from someone who was a pure evil. But, sometimes the lover of yours end up being brutal after the breakup by wither being rude about you or by consistently reminding you of your new relationship status. You better not be that kind of person yourself. Here is what happened to this one guy who tried the same:

1- “Hope this doesn’t upset you if you see it.”

2- And then the girl had a perfect response to her annoying ex.

3- Clearly he lost his mind with an amazing backfire!

4- AWh, the guy got emotional!

Seems like he was not even over her, and it was the reason he was trying to make his ex jealous. But, when he got to know that she is engaged, he started blabbering how much deep connection they had! Poor soul! 
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