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Kid Bodybuilder “Little Hercules” Is All Grown Up Now! Has He Been Hitting The Gym?

 Richard Sandrak it was known as “The strongest child in the world” and “the muscular child” and that is how they remember it. When he was only a child he surprised the world with his unique athletic figure. Richard from Ukraine was born in 1992. His father, Paul, and his mother, Lena, were world champions in martial arts.

They also used to be fitness trainers. When the family moved to the United States, Richard was only two years old. His parents wanted their son to become a celebrity and be part of the world they were used to, so together with a personal trainer, Richard started training very hard on a daily basis.

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Little Richard had a physically unusual body for his age, the result of long and hard workouts. It created a great controversy about the distribution of fat and muscle tissue of the child, they did not consider it “normal”, much less healthy. In addition to questioning about the process to get that amazing figure naturally and based on a lot of “sports” or maybe this was a victim of the greed of their parents.

Given this, his parents always commented that his son had never tried any hormonal therapy, that he had a strict diet based on plant and animal proteins. His father always said that Richard practiced under the supervision of his personal trainer and the way he trained and developed his muscles did not affect him. According to the father, this type of exercise gave a break and stress at the same time to each group of muscles.
 When he was only six years old, the little one went to the bench press lying with a weight of 81 kg, two years later he could lift 95 kg. He also entered a martial arts school where he perfected his speed, strength, and coordination. Many coaches thought he had the most powerful and fastest arm and leg bumps in the world. He could perform 110 beats with his hand in just 15 seconds and could throw 30 picks at the same time.
 As a child, Richard dreamed of being an actor of action movies, but unfortunately, he had a very difficult childhood, his father forced him to do hundreds of exercises every day at all hours. That’s why I could not lead a normal life like any other little one, I did not even know what it was like to eat junk food or candy. His father was imprisoned for domestic violence when Richard was only 11 years old. From that moment Richard left the bodybuilding.
 Nowadays he is dedicated only to carry out cardio exercises to stay in shape. With 24 years old he works as a double in Universal Studios films in Hollywood. Apparently, it is less stressful to fly through the air and be beaten as a double in movies than to engage in bodybuilding.
 The young man confesses not to repent of his past He recognizes that for him it was a good experience that he would not hide from people and feel proud of him even though he sacrificed many things that children do, but he does not want to continue living from memory. This is how the “muscular boy” now looks, who is now a man.

His story continues to cause a lot of controversies since most of them share the idea that his parents only wanted to exploit him and that the hard training to which he was subjected was not healthy. For his part, the young man argues that although he does not regret anything, he recommends that children should live a normal childhood and not in the way he led her.

Now the young man wears a normal body but there is no trace of the muscular child that was one day, however, all continue to remember him as that small with big arms and very marked abdomen. There is no doubt that when something is abused, the consequences can be fatal, in this case, it was the parents who subjected him to an unusual lifestyle and in exchange, he lost all his childhood Do you think it was worth losing your childhood for this sculptural body? What do you think of this controversial story?
Do you support the decision of the parents or do you differ from it? why? Being a father is not easy, but before thinking about our interests we must always put the physical and emotional well-being of our children first.



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