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Lace Tattoos Are The Hottest Trend For Real Tattoo Lovers

When it comes to body art, tattoo is one of the most famous forms of it and many people across the globe go for different tattoo designs on their body. Some like to get the name of the loved ones inked, some go for geometrical design, some floral, some go scripts and some opt for colorful tattoo. Apart from these there are some symbolical tattoos too.

One of the newest trend that many women are endorsing these days is lace tattoo, they look elegant, delicate and very too. Take a look some of these intricate lace tattoo that are trending now a days :

1- A lace bird tattoo beautifully done with a strong artistic touch in it.

2- Add a vintage glamour to your tattoo by embracing a paisley in a lacy tattoo form. You can opt for it in the regular black color or even in a vibrant color of your choice.

3-  This floral tattoo with waves in lace tattoo form will truly look elegant on your shoulders.

4- This is a unique Japanese tattoo design which you can grace on your sleeve, this incredibly feminine and looks pretty too

5- Opt for this shoulder tattoo in swirl pattern, with unique beads design in it, looks truly magical.

6- For those who love to have anklets on the pretty feet, opt for this lacy anklet tattoo in delicate designs.

7- A fish net tattoo looks amazing and elegant at the same time.

8- Russian doll tattoo with a heart looks really cute in feminine lacy design.

9- Butterfly tattoo are always pleasing to eyes, specially when done delicately in lace tattoo design.

10- Abstract designs look best in lace cut designs.



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