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Mom Breaks Down In McDonalds Drive-Thru As 5-Year-Old Autistic Daughter Says Her First Ever Word

 One special moment a mother will never forget. Her daughter says "Mama" for the first time. For Briana Blankenship, that moment came a bit later than it does for others. But, that moment is still the very special point in time Briana will never forget.
 Briana's daughter Taylor is five years old. She also has non-verbal autism, which means that she doesn't use speech to communicate. She understands some words but she is unable to respond.
This factor of Taylor's autism made Briana wonder if she would ever hear a word from her daughter. Fortunately, in this case, that time did come. Briana and Taylor were in the car sitting in the drive-thru at McDonald's.
Taylor said, "Mama". Briana's shock was massive and left her with tears. Once she broke down crying, she couldn't stop for a bit. Her daughter, who had NEVER said a single word, had called her "Mama". That moment is etched into Briana's mind forever. With Taylor's sudden verbal burst, Briana wanted to capture the moment. She grabbed the phone and started recording. She wanted proof of what just happened, no matter how long it took.

It was a moment she never thought would come.

That first word opens up the hope that maybe, one day, Taylor will gain the ability to talk like any other child her age. She has a long journey ahead of her, but this was the step that made the future a lot brighter. Take a moment to watch this special moment. It offers so much hope for others with a loved one who has non-verbal autism. Please pass it along to friends to give them a smile. Let us know what you think of Taylor's breakthrough.



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