Scientists have Found a Link Between Eye Color and Personality

 Eye color is one of our defining physical features and one of the first things you might mention about someone if asked to describe their appearance.  But apart from our looks, it has actually been scientifically proven that your eye color says a lot about your character and personality! For example, a study of 428 subjects at the University of Örebo in Sweden has shown that eye color is affected by the same gene that forms your frontal lobe of your brain. And Dr. Anthony Fallone from the University of Edinburgh says: “The eye is so closely neurologically connected that you could say that it is the only part of our brain that one can see on the outside.” Well! Let’s take a look at what your eye color says about you.

Brown eyes:

 People with brown eyes are born leaders. And even if they don’t find that out on their own, they are often seen as such by others. In addition, darker-eyed people appear more trustworthy and passionate than others. The darker the eye, the more melanin you likely have in your body. Melanin actually insulates the connections between brain cells which helps your brain to function more quickly.

Blue eyes:

 People with blue eyes can be seen as aloof, unassertive or untrustworthy. Despite these perceptions, blue-eyed people often have greater inner strength as well as physical strength. According to studies, women with blue eyes can endure labor pains better than others. And blue-eyed people can tolerate alcohol better. That’s reason to celebrate!

Gray eyes:

 Gray eyes are a variation of blue eyes. People with dark gray eyes are difficult to classify. They tend to be extreme in one direction or the other: either exceptionally well-balanced or completely unpredictable. Light gray-eyed people are distant at first. But when someone finds their way into their heart, they are self-sacrificing, loyal friends.

Green Eyes:

 People with green eyes have a uniqueness and are normally seen as attractive, sexy, and mysterious. Additionally, they are often ascribed a large amount of creativity. Green-eyed people possess a balance of the agreeableness and dominance of brown-eyed people and the strength and caution of those with blue eyes. So a real jackpot.

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