Simple Way To Straighten Your Hair With Aloe Vera!

Plants those are beneficial for healthy hair besides celery is aloe vera, which is also beneficial to straighten hair. Aloe vera has long been recognized as a useful plant to maintain the beauty that is the beauty of the hair. Women who have straight hair are the luckiest women as the straight hair are easier to manage then frizzy and curly hair. Curly hair can be made straight by the use of hair straightener but excess use of straightener do much harm to the health of our hair. There should be some tricks that could prevent the harm which is done to our hair while straightening them up and one of those tricks is explained below.

Use a Straightener and Aloe Vera Gel

 Applying aloe Vera gel before straightening your hair will be beneficial in easing down the process of straightening as it would soften the hair and also prevent the hair from getting damaged due to the heat of straightener.

Things you will need

1- Hair straightener
2- Aloe Vera leaf
3- Tail comb

Step 1. Cut an aloe Vera leaf into small pieces

 First of all take an aloe Vera leaf and cut it into small pieces and the pieces should be of atleast 1 inch. Then take a knife and remove the spikes of it so that the flesh of it could be exposed for application.

Step 2. Apply the aloe Vera gel on your hair

Do the partition of your hair in smaller sections or tie them up or turn them up into small buns after separating the section on which you have to apply aloe Vera. Then apply aloe Vera on that particular portion of hair and make sure that you apply it from the roots of your hair to the tip of it.

Step 3. Straighten your hair with the straightener

After applying aloe Vera to all the sections of your hair now it is time to straighten them up using straightner. After plugging the straighter let it heat up for 5-6 minutes.

Now take small section of your hair which should be 1-2 inches wide, make sure that you won’t go much closer to the scalp as it could damage the health of hair.

Bring the straightner down in slow motion while clutching the hair in it and apply a little bit pressure on it.

Repeat the process with the rest of the sections of hair and you are done.

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