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The Best Fat Burning Exercises for Women to Lose Weight

 The term ‘fat’ has always been used as a derogatory word for women who are on the wrong side of the ‘ideal perception’ of what a ‘perfect woman’ should physically look like (presumably for men at large). Now we can conveniently blame it on human evolutionary physiology that has always been unreasonably harsh towards women. It is a known fact women gain weight faster than men and even lose it slower than men. Unfortunately, this is why women globally resort to self-destructive methods to look reed thin rather than being healthy.

Women face a perennial problem of weight gain in spite of exercise and crazy diet controls, which in most of the case are medically harmful. Many ignore the factors of lifestyle, stress and hormonal imbalances which contribute to weight gain.

Women gain fat faster and lose weight slower than men

Scientifically speaking, it is medically proven that women gain fat faster simply because of the difference between the metabolism rates of men and women. Men have leaner and metabolically active muscles, which helps them to burn more calories faster, while women, on the other hand, burn fat slowly, they have 10% more body fat and slower metabolic rates as compared to a man. (Well this gives us our curves ladies!) There is a lot that women don’t know about their bodies

 Factors That Make Women Gain Fat

There are many scientific factors which makes women gain fat, most of them are hormonal and biological factors, such as Hormonal imbalance, birth control measures, lower water intake, menopause, comparative less sleep, starving yourself, lack of healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids and the biggest culprit of all poor nutrition and lifestyle.

 Commit yourself to losing fat now

Now that we do know why we succumb to weight gain in spite of our best efforts we must not resign ourselves to our fatty destiny. In fact far from it, women who can take their lives in their own hands and make up their mind to lose fat with the right fat burning exercises. The target is to boost your metabolic rates that you lose weight even as you sleep. Start on with developing lean mass and strong muscles. Here are some fabulous fat burning exercises for helping women gain a toned up body.

 Abdominal fat is the worst type of fat

The worst kind of fat that affects both men and women is visceral fat or abdominal fat. It’s the easiest fat to gain and is increased by improper diet, junk and processed food, lack of exercise and excess sugar intake. Excess abdominal fat invites risk of disease like heart issues, obesity, diabetes and even cancer. However, with the right attitude and commitment, you can lose your fat easily and have the body you always wanted. Here are exercises you can do at home and also in the gym.

 Exercises Women Can Do At Home to Lose Fat

Be it swimming, cycling, walking or just increasing your household chores, the right attitude is the key to lose weight. Here are some effective exercises for women to do the trick.


As you can see from the illustrations, squats increases muscle mass, leg muscles, increases the metabolism and help burn calories.


Skipping is a great traditional cardio exercise to increase blood circulation and burn fat Try skipping different ways instead of repeating the conventional movements.

 Jumping Lunges

This exercise is ideal for glutes, quads, and hamstrings and is excellent for cardiovascular exercise for body coordination and stability. This exercise can be incorporated with any fat burning exercise. So jump in!


Most traditional and conventional exercise usually advised for the beginners for weight loss. Slowly this can be accelerated to brisk jogging for longer distance.

 Jack Knife Crunches

It may seem daunting to a novice as it works out multiple muscles while targeting the rectus abdominus. Here we move our obliques, thigh muscles, glutes, and chest and calves muscles to perform the moves. Trust us, the pain you feel now, would be surely rewarding later!

 HIIT (High intensity interval workout)

People with hectic work schedule usually opt for this HIIT or High-Intensity Workouts, for just 10 minutes a day. Usually, HIIT is organized in a well-sophisticated gym with equipments such as ellipticals, cycle machine or the treadmill. The target is to create more intensity within very short period of time, mixed with quick rest and starting off again. In fact, these exercises can be replicated at home as well using step lunges, stationary jogging, shuttle jumps and squat jumps. This makes it possible to perform HIIT workouts without equipments or a gym.

 Climbing Stairs

Something as mundane as stair climbing can actually work wonders for your legs and burn calves fat. Integrate this exercise at your home and of course ditch those elevators and escalators. You’ll be surprised by the transformation.

 Crossfit Routines

Many people are too pressed for time and cannot join any gym, but worry not as this routine is the answers to all your prayers. Crossfit routines involves a number of simple moves which can be performed just about anywhere and can guarantee to rid off your annoying body fat for sure.


The plank doesn’t really burn fat unless incorporated into your daily workout routines. The plank and its variations are good for strengthening your core so that you can withstand the rigors of working out, gain good mobility, flexibility, balance and even improve health.

 The Best Gym Workouts for Women to Burn Fat

With the access to gym and the avalanche of new fat burning routines such as Zumba and aerobics etc, it’s easy to get confused which path to choose from. Just remember your prime focus is to burn fat. Whatever means of exercise you choose make sure you DO NOT overdo it as it would result into severe muscle sprain and soreness. Here are some sensible exercises which you can start off with.


Contrary to popular belief deadlifts alone cannot help you to lose weight or burn fat. You have to smartly integrate in your routine exercise regime moderately. Deadlifts help in straitening the lower back muscles and legs.


Running on the treadmill is monotonous and boring for most. But a little innovation can go a long way, such as create a good interval time between treadmill and the cycling machine. Obviously, you need to consult your gym trainer for the right guidance.

 Kettlebell swings

Yet another highly efficient exercise patters is the kettle ball swings. Might seem scary to newbie’s but once in full swing it would burn calories and work out the glutes, hips, hamstrings, lats, shoulders, abs, and what not….whew.

 Rowing Machine

A rowing machine routine will also give you an excellent workout to burn fat and a great cardiovascular workout as well.


Zumba is a new sensation all across the globe and not without its reasons. It’s one such gym workouts which are more effective when in groups. When doing Zumba alone in front of TV screen you'll soon realize it’s boring and low on motivation. That established, Zumba is a healthier way to lose 2 pounds per week, which is perfect as it concentrates on losing just your fat and not your precious body muscles.

 Boost Your Metabolism with Weight Training

Once you get through the exercise boot camp and are educated enough about the correct set of weight loss exercise regimen for your body type, we are ready to address the other factors which hinders your fat loss. The golden rule to remember here is your muscles help burn fat by increasing the metabolic rates.

By increasing lean muscles, you burn calories faster; Remeber Adipose tissue doesn’t require energy to exist in the human body. It can be transformed into an energy source only after you start exerting it to do so. Cardio exercises may burn calories but weight training also truly increases the metabolic rate to burn fat long after you’re done with exercise.

 Tips That Help You Burn Fat: Eat healthy

Did you know that eating the right food that boosts your metabolism can even burn our fat while sleeping! Plus it encourages a healthier lifestyle and boosts you in your quest for weight loss goals.

Eating right begins with completely avoiding processed food, carbonated drinks, sugary fruit juices, and fats food as they are all fat-creating foods. Instead one must substitute them with healthier choices like fish, avocados, seeds and nuts

 Foods That Increase your Metabolism

Don’t lose hope as there are many interesting and tasty food items which are fun to eat and are a source of vitamin D and proteins. Then there is cucumber with its 80% water content it burns fat like no other.

Coffee and Green tea: 

Coffee, yes, it may sound contradictory due to its caffeine content, but it induces lipolysis in our body, but do remember to restrict it to 2 cups a day. Green simply cannot be ignored as it has ECGC compounds for weight loss. Drink at least 3 to 4 cups of organic green tea a day without sugar.

Rolled oats: 

Then we have the famous Rolled oats which prevents hunger and makes the body burn more calories for digestion and increases the metabolism in the morning like miracles.


How can we forget the almonds and nuts which give us a healthy dose of omega 3 fatty acids and kick starts the metabolism!

 Grapefruit, chili peppers and Lentils


Then we have our trusted grapefruit which contains Naringenin, an antioxidant which boosts our insulin content regulating our blood sugar and burn calories.

Chili peppers: 

Now coming to the hotter side of the food spectrum, Chili peppers yes, you heard it right, and these hot devils can actually act as anti-inflammatory properties.

Lentils and legumes: 

Lentils and legumes provide us with rich source of iron and amino acids such as arginine and glutamine, which is great for muscle recovery and burn fats.


Well not for everyone’s taste but TUNA is the BEST source of Omega 3 fatty acids which boost our metabolism. Then we must include Seaweeds- best known to control our thyroid functions and keep our body stable.

 Lean meat: 

Finally one must have enough of lean meat, chicken and turkey breast which are the best sources of protein, amino acids, iron, and essential nutrients. It also helps in protein synthesis. Guess you never knew about that did you? And to end it all with a good slug of water which would keep away dehydration, constipation and flush out all the toxins from your body.

Egg whites: 

Egg whites are ideal for weight loss and to watch your cholesterol. Egg white is low fat and high in protein. It also contains essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Egg whites can boost your metabolism and help you burn fat.

 Make lifestyle changes for the better

Well now to the serious talks (albeit boring one too). NO amount of exercise and dietary regulation can help you reach your target till you are mentally willing and disciplined enough to achieve it. One must create a routine of healthy diet, exercise and abstinence from fatty food items completely.

 Introduce prebiotic and probiotics into your diet

Don’t make the regimen boring and tedious which would make you loose interest in it. In fact, make it interesting. Enjoy a fresh smoothie every morning as a breakfast; carry nuts and almonds as snacks during the day. Make interesting vegetable salads or juice which would keep you satiated for the day. Also, do not forget to take a daily dosage of pre biotic and probiotics to keep your gut in right order. Drink more and more water to flush out the toxins and waste from your system for good.

 The two biggest tips to burn fat

One cannot emphasize enough how drinking water to the tune of 8 glasses a day helps increase metabolism to burn fat. Water helps balance and boost your metabolism and drinking less slows it down. Moreover, adequate sleep is essential because you actually burn fat while sleeping as research proves that less sleep leads to obesity.

 Make the healthier choice now

 Avoid eating things like processed food and meats, Fast foods, carbonated drinks and sugary fruit juices, Ice creams, smoking and alcohol. Well everyone loves an ice-cream now and then, well!  If you exercise and maintain a healthy balanced diet of protein carbs and healthy fats, you could treat yourself to an ice-cream now and then. Exercising works off the calories but its better to consume such things during the day when you’re active or two hours before sleeping.



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