These 10 Posters Will Tell You The Difference Between Liking And Loving Someone

While we all are aware that there’s a huge difference between liking and love, but we at times fail to understand what that dissimilarity is. So, we mostly end up interchanging the two terms in our daily lives. However, most of the time, when it comes to analyzing our emotions for someone, we at least should know the difference between those we love and those we like. Be its “like” or “love”, both emotions seem same and are experienced by almost everyone. But there is a huge difference between them, which we should be aware of. Liking or like is a feeling that you may feel for many people.

You can like someone or something because of its looks or inner traits. And loving or love is a strong feeling of affection. With those we love, we want to live with them and can’t afford to lose them. So, here we are presenting 10 posters will tell you the difference between liking and loving someone. I hope these posters will help you to recognize your feelings!

1- See You Don't Need To Be Impressive in Front of Your Partner!

2- When You Love Someone, You Believe in Giving Space!

3- Celebrating Month Anniversaries is A Great Idea, But In Love, You Never Know How Time Flies

4- Want to spend time alone with them

5- In Love Its All About Understanding

6- Love is Not About Being Fake

7- When You Like Someone, You Like them Because Of their Qualities, But In Love, You Admire Despite Imperfections

8- When You Are in Love You Can't Leave Your Partner Alone When Unwell

9- When in Love, You Can't Afford Time to Waste in Fights!

10- Really, This One is Amazing, When You Are in Love, You will Love to Relax With Your Partner!

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