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These Brilliant Tattoos Will Redefine Your Perspective Towards Life

 Tattoos initially were considered as a very rebellious and aggressive gesture, but in current times, it has gained worldwide popularity! Every second person you'd meet would have at least one tattoo somewhere on their body. Honestly, I am myself a big fan of tattoos, but my concern always lies in one thing: What if I get inked with something I like today but might not feel the same way about it ten years from now?

Well, I too have a couple of tattoos which took months of research and work to create that perfect design or a word with the apt font. Later, finding a good, hygienic tattoo parlor with a good tattoo artist. It's a long process, but the results are usually beautiful.

Here are few tattoos that'd teach you greatest life lessons.

1. Disability is just a state of mind

 Just because a majority of the human race is born with two arms, doesn't mean the ones with one arm or no arm at all are 'imperfect.' They are just more smart and resourceful than the ones with two arms since they can handle all of it with only one arm. Perfect, right?

2. Success

 You hold the key to your success, just work hard for it day by day and one day, it'll be there right in front of you! Dream bigger!

3. Being brave

 Kudos to the person who had the sensibility, sensitivity and the vision to get something like this tattooed in the place of their missing toe. How many of us can be that brave?

4. Mind over matter 

 Always stick to one mantra to lead a happy life, "If it's not going to matter after five years, don't spend more than five minutes on it!".  This goes without saying that it's true, but not many of us can preach it.

5. But scars..

 They heal with time. All you need is time, give everything time and it shall be fine, trust me!

6. Connect the dots

 What is life? What are you doing daily? Connecting dots of your life to make meaning. Meaning of all that's happening, good, bad and, the worse. Connect the dots, and you'd see the magic!

7. Smile

 Smile because nothing is worth your tears. Nothing. At the end of the day it all becomes fine, and if it isn't fine, it's not the end! Remember that.

8. Paw-sing together

 The pet and the girl both look paw-some together!

9. Life is simple

 As simple as this tattoo that anybody in this world can make. From a kid to an adult, anybody! And that's how life is; we are the ones who make it complicated, complex and all sorts of messy!

10. You're stronger than you think

 Your limits are not permanent. They are always transient! When you think, "This is it, I can't do anymore!" is the moment when you need to push the most, and it all becomes beautiful again!  Most people, instead of pushing their limits, give up and quit.

11. Music

 Music is probably the most beautiful escape anyone can ever turn to! No matter what happens, things always find their way and music? Music and its calmness remain omnipotent.

12. Think out of the box

Everyone can anticipate death from these but can you anticipate something positive from these? If yes, you're doing life right! And if not, hang in there, mate.

13. Don't rush into things

 Always take your time and think. Think before you do anything. A job, relationship, career, anything and everything. It's better to be responsible than being regretful. 

14. Karma

 Always believe in the work of Karma. There have been instances when people were mocked by Karma! If someone did bad to you, sit back and relax, be the bigger person and watch karma do its part. 

15. Stand up

 "Fall seven, stand up eight."

I don't think I need to say anything else here. 

16. Hang in there

 Just one more day, till then..hold on. You'd be great.

17. Speak up for your own self

 Take no shit and do not harm. This is the ideology I have followed in my life continue doing it each day, still. You've only got one life, how can you let others decide and choose for you?

18. Flaunt those curves!

Know your self worth. Do not let anyone bully and belittle you. You are who you are, be proud of it and flaunt it rather than being sad about it!



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