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These Heartbreaking Illustrations Perfectly Showcase The Pain Of Divorce

Divorce, you get goosebumps when you hear this. Isn't it? Okay, maybe not everyone experiences this feeling of fear or separation but some do.

People have had so many connections and bad memories related to this word 'divorce'. It is one of the most difficult afflictions, a family can go through. Although, only people who have been through it first-hand can understand the pain very well. Unless it is very difficult to visualize the conditions and emotions of people who go through it and how much damage it causes to human relationships.

While people deal with the personal issues of divorce differently that happen in their family, here's this one artist nicknamed as 'Mac' who has tried to describe his personal experiences through his deeply saddening comic.
You will experience all the feels today about how children are always trapped in this vicious cycle of separation. To make it hit you, just look at the illustrations with all your concentration.

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