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These Tattoos Are The Newest, Weirdest Trend In Minimalist Tattoos

Remember when you finally got your ears pierced in middle school only to find out that double piercings were suddenly the trend? And when you got double piercings, you found that cartilage piercings were the trend? And when you refused to get cartilage piercings for decades and instead spent a small fortune on dainty ear cuffs to fake the look, some mean trendsetters decided to switch the trend again? Yup, it’s happening. Folks, meet helix tattoos, the new trend in ear “jewelry,” which is less jewelry and more a-real-tattoo-curved-around-your-ear.

1- That's interesting,Apparently not much painful

2- Musical Art

3- Freehand cartilage tattoo.

4- It is the smallest tattoo i have ever done.

5- Little heart with red border

6- Small and finest tattoo ever made.

7- Rose healed great

8- Leaves growing their own style

9- Super simplistic little stars



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