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Things You Will See Only in Asia (34 Photos)

Asia is no exception. In fact, Asia is far more successful in producing eccentric geniuses than any other country. Listed in this post are 30 photos of things that can only happen in Asia. These hilariously stupid photos will make you go ROFL!

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Perfect order

 Sponsored by Mr. Jobs
  It's a crime scene out here
 That's all I need to put me to sleep
 Not your regular pet to take out for a walk
 Going to school the Asian way
 Here's our son, Tommy
 Must have been one hell of a ride
 What are friends for?
 And you think your job is tough
 Who needs a chair when you have core strength?
 Final Destination feels
 The "keep it green" movement
 I think Pikachu's a little sick
 Mobile safety messages for people on the road
 It was too easy with the steering wheel
 Noodle festival shenanigans
 Acrobatic mirror selfie
 Girls that ride together, stay together
 It's basically just water and you pay for it
 Took my croc out for an evening walk
 Greetings, and welcome to flexible lands
 Greetings, and welcome to flexible lands
 Avengers must be looking for him
 They can put a camera in any phone. I totally expect that.
 We've found his daughter
 Just chilling on the subway
 When you use only one eye to judge people
 Check out my new ride fellas
 Nike can't compete with that
 Using the ATM in her comfort zone
 When in China, do as the Chinese do
 Public restrooms are a thing
 It's about survival...



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