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This is What Happen What Your Barber Does NOT Like You (32 Photos)

When most people think about getting a haircut, they’re planning for a look that’s hot and trendy. Some people believe in experimentation, and try to do their haircut themselves while others go to a barber and get their desired haircut.

However, if you prefer the latter category then make sure you are in good terms with your barber because he can turn his unlikeness for you into your worst nightmares with just a small pair of his scissors and a trimmer.

We have listed down some hilarious haircut fails that will make you think twice before getting one yourself.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

1 When you don't pay the barber
 2 Supporting a clean, green tomorrow
 3 What kind of hair cut do you want? "The Lisa Simpson"
 4 Talk about being two faced
 5 When you're too much into abstract art
 6 Put em back together!!
 7 What a "shit" haircut indeed
 8 Welcome to The Marines
 9 The perfect partition
 10 The girl/boy of your dreams
 11 Clear audio all the way
 12 When you wanna be the odd one in a crowd
 13 When she really loves shaving brushes
 14 Can't beat this one
 15 We call this one "50-50"
 16 If girls grew hair only where they had brains
 17 There definitely is a sad story behind this
 18 I bet you haven't seen a ponytail like this one before
 19 The Cheetah print
 20 Could have been perfect
 21 The front flicker
 22 Going old school
 23 The wax statue wannabe
 24 Don't leave it midway mate
 25 How Bizarre can a haircut be?
 26 My gf wanted me to let go of my beard and I wanted to keep it. So we agreed at this.
 27 Cast him in the A-team sequel already
 28 Wanna see a magic trick?
 29 Do you see the dog face?
 30 What a sharp puff
 31 Does this remind you of an animal?
 32 If barbers were into abstract art



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