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What Your Eyebrows Are Really Saying About You

 Before we even open our mouths, we can actually telegraph an enormous amount about our personalities simply by the way we look.

Whether other people get a sense of our personalities from the hair color we choose, or the manner in which we dress ourselves, so much can be revealed before a single word has been spoken.

Naturally, this is because a large amount of our personality goes into our decision making when it comes to how we present ourselves. So it makes total sense that the faces — and eyebrows — we show to the world can speak volumes about us.

While many people just let their eyebrows grow, many more pluck, shape, and sculpt them to look exactly how they want.

Scroll through this exclusive list below to see what your eyebrows are actually telling the world about you. The answers can be quite surprising!

What are your eyebrows revealing? Let us know in the comments.

See which eyebrows best match your own, then scroll through to see what they reveal about your personality.
 1. The Regular Arched
 The regular-arched eyebrows are those that aren’t too thick and aren’t too thin. They aren’t too high and they aren’t too low. They aren’t too arched and they aren’t too straight. Some might say they are just right.

The regular arch indicates that you are not trying to make a statement with your eyebrows. You like things to be a little more straightforward and traditional. It’s not that you aren’t a deep person, but you just prefer to keep things on the less complicated or dramatic side.

Your drama-free approach to life and your focus on the basics make you easy to work with and easy to be around.

2. The Natural Straight
 The natural straight eyebrows are quite similar to the regular arched brows, except that they form a much straighter line. They also look natural, without too much sculpting going into them.

These natural straight brows indicate that what you see is what you get. You are a straightforward person who isn’t afraid to be honest. That doesn’t mean you aren’t sensitive to other people’s feelings, but it does mean you are willing to tell someone the truth when they need to hear it.

These brows actually make you appear even more trustworthy by giving your eyes a “kinder” quality. As a result, friends and family trust you immensely and love to confide in you.

3. The High Arch
 The high-arched eyebrows are quite high on your face and quite rounded. They aren’t necessarily overly thick or thin, but are most noticeable because of their height.

These high arches are all about the drama — but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They show you have a flair for theatrics, and that you love making a large statement. These brows are about getting noticed. You enjoy being the center of attention and likely are a natural-born performer. People flock to you to hear entertaining stories and funny jokes.

Your face screams “look at me,” and you tend to enjoy every minute of being looked at.

4. The Straight Up
 The straight up eyebrows lack any curve at all and head on an upward diagonal line from directly above the inside of the eye.

These straight upward brows are quite severe in nature and can make a serious first impression on other people. They tell the world that you are not someone to be messed with. While you certainly have a kind side, these brows show that you are no-nonsense and that you definitely mean business. You know what you want, and you know how to get things done.

You won’t exactly steamroll over people, but your eyebrows are fair warning that it’s best if others get out of your way.

5. The Short Brow
 The short eyebrows are those that have been trimmed until they are quite small. They may appear at any point of your eyes, but they are much shorter than the average brow.

These short eyebrows show the world that you are an extremely detail-oriented person. You have plucked those brows to within an inch of their lives, and have proved relentless in your pursuit of beautiful brows. You have a tenacity for life, work, and love that others around you admire greatly.

Your attention to detail makes you a model employee, though your focus on the minute things in life can sometimes leave you missing the bigger picture.

6. The Thick Brow
 The thick eyebrows are those that have been grown in and are quite bushy. They haven’t been plucked or prodded, but rather have been given free rein to grow as they please.

The thick brows indicate that you don’t mind things “au naturale.” You find beauty in things just the way they are. You likely have a free spirit, with an appreciation for nature and all things natural. You are less concerned with the way that others perceive you, and more concerned with living life to the fullest and being happy.

Your appreciation for natural beauty and your ability to find beauty everywhere you turn make you an incredible person to spend time with.

7. The Unibrow
 The unibrow occurs when both eyebrows grow together, seemingly without a break between them. This brow is often not plucked or shaped in any way.

The unibrow is a true sign of individuality. Like those with thick eyebrows, you aren’t overly concerned with the way others perceive you. You are unique and one-of-a-kind. You have a creative mind and a vivid imagination. You may not use your creativity in an artistic way, but you likely spend much time daydreaming and allowing your mind to run free.

Your love of all things fantasy makes you a fun and fascinating person to be around.

8. The Thin Brow
 The thin eyebrows are those that have been plucked until they form only a small thin line. Sometimes, so much of the brow has been plucked that they are simply drawn on in the form of this tiny line.

These extremely thin brows are all about showing the world just how delicate you are. Whether this is true or not, you prefer putting on an innocent face. You aren’t drawn to conflict, and you try to avoid it whenever possible. You show the world a kinder side of humanity.

You aren’t the loudest person at any get-together, much preferring to smile and take on the role of listener.

9. The Large Gap
 The large gap look is one where the two eyebrows are quite far apart, either on purpose or as a result of overzealous eyebrow maintenance.

The large gap, particularly when it is a result of too much plucking or pruning, generally indicates that you are a bit of a worrier. You easily get caught up in things, and your anxiety levels tend to be higher than those of others. However, you only worry because you care. Your loving side is one of your best qualities.

Others flock to you because they know they will find a friend who is both caring and invested.

10. The Pointed Brow
The pointed brow is a thinner brow that actually comes to a point before heading back down. This brow is similar to other arched eyebrows, but without being quite as rounded.

These pointed brows indicate that you are in control. Just like some people don a power suit, you are donning the power brow. These brows show that you are a natural-born leader and that you are quite comfortable taking charge. You have lofty goals professionally and you prefer to be the dominant one in your relationships.

While you are sometimes capable of striking fear into subordinates, you are just as capable of inspiring them.



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