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1 Simple Ingredient Will Get Rid of All Your Fleas, Roaches, Ants and Other Pests

There is a natural and safe way to eliminate cockroaches, ants, fleas, and even rats from your home without spending a fortune. And the best part is that you do not need to use toxic sprays.

You may have laid traps in corners or used sprays that are toxic when inhaled. This article will teach you how to evict pests from your home quickly.

The power of Boric Acid

For many years, pests in the home and in gardens have been controlled using Boric acid. It is related to Borax since they both have boron in them. Borax kills insects by destroying their stomach lining. Here are some ways to use Borax to eliminate these pests –


Cockroaches can be very stubborn and annoyingly difficult to eliminate. Simply use yolk Borax bombs to get rid of them forever. Mix white sugar and boiled egg yolks with borax and use it to eliminate the pests.


A lot of animals like sweet things and so do ants. Worker ants love liquids while baby ants and the queen prefer solids. Mix a quarter of a cup of borax with three-quarters of a cup of sugar to make a sugary paste. Also, mix a quarter of a cup of borax with three quarters of a cup of honey or maybe maple syrup and use it against them.


Fleas are very stubborn critters but using one treatment of Borax can eliminate them for at least 12 months, including their eggs. First, you should vacuum your home thoroughly. Then sprinkle the Borax on your carpet, in furniture creases and any places you feel that fleas could hide. Also, work it into fabrics. Allow it for about 2 days and then discard the dead fleas by vacuuming.



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