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10 Bizarre Sleeping Habits Of Animals That Will Make You Praise Mother Nature

Sleeping or resting is vital for every living being. When we talk about the sleeping habits of animals, you will find some strange facts.

The animal world is full of wonders and their sleeping manners are kinda interesting. Let's explore some weird sleeping habits of animals, they are hard to believe. Take a look.

1. Orangutans construct mattresses before they sleep.

 2. Sea Otters stay anchored at night.

 3. Some animals sleep with one eye open.

 4. Sunbirds flaunt pectoral tufts while sleeping.

 5. Mother dolphins do not sleep for the first three weeks after giving birth to baby.

6.Horses sleep while they stand.

 7. Giraffes twist around when they sleep.

 8. Hazel Dormouse can sleep for long, balancing their body on the branch safely.

 9. Mallards sleep in a group with brain almost awake.

 10. Albatrosses can sleep even they are flying.



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