13 Food Substances That Look Completely Different Under An Electron Microscope

 Electron Microscopes reveal the naked truth of day to day things thanks to their hyper magnification strengths. Here are 13 day to day food items that are magnified under an electron microscope and you can see the bizarre peeking out of the products.

Sugar Crystal

We have sugar on dangerously unhealthy levels each day in our life and in many forms. However, sugar crystals are used mostly in teas and coffees. Here is how a sugar crystal looks like under a microscope. It looks like a metallic flower blooming and looking awesome.


Salt is pretty much the thing that makes our food tasteful and is a necessity in every food item. Salt is also dangerous when taken in high quantities and it is used in many other things. This single grain of salt, looks like an iceberg in an ocean under a microscope.


No one likes broccoli in any form, however, everyone has to finish it in veggies to get the dessert. Here under the electron microscope, a flower of broccoli looks like an individual bud of a flower and something that will bloom with time.

 Instant coffee

Coffee is a favorite drink of millions of people all over the world. It is refreshing drink that gives you strength to do the daily work. Though most of time making a cup of Joe, but instant coffee sachets let you make coffee by just adding milk and sugar. Here is how instant coffee looks under electron microscope.

 Grain of Wheat

Wheat is an all giving grain and is staple food in many Asian countries. It is used to make bread and other things. Under an electron microscope, it looks like an excavation done by someone.


If you see some eatables under an electron microscope, you might stop eating them. This is a strawberry and yes, that is a bug that you ingest most of time and they are harmless. Don’t be afraid of them, alive or dead.

 Sesame seed

This is a sesame seed under an electron microscope. Sesame seeds are used to make sesame oil and have many good properties like controlling blood pressure, cancer prevention, diabetes management and many more.

 Red Grape

This is a red grape under an electron microscope. Though most of the times, red grapes are used to make wines, grapes are also used for their benefits in helping in situations like skin health, kidney disorders, improves eyesight and immune support.


This is normal sugar under electron microscope. Normal sugar is used in coffee houses to be put in drinks and even used in bakery. It is extremely harmful to us and one must consume sugar in moderation.


A tomato slice is seen here under an electron microscope. It looks like a maze of honey bee hive. Tomato is extremely healthy for us as it is full of Vitamin C and one must try to include it in most of foods that you consume.


Cauliflower section here is seen under an electron microscope. It looks like a green colored pine cones and something that one shouldn’t eat.


This is a saffron strand under an electron microscope. It is one of the most costly spices in the world and is native to and cultivated in South West Asia. It was first mentioned in 7th century botanical treatise by Assyrian people named Ashurbanipal.


 This is Ethanol under electron microscope. Ethanol is also called ethyl alcohol or drinking alcohol. Under a microscope, it looks like what people who drink it see when they are drunk too much.

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