15 Bathroom Design Fails That’ll Make You Want To Hold It Forever

 Public bathrooms are a lot like the Internet: when hundreds of people use them anonymously, awful things will happen. So imagine how much worse it would be to use a public restroom that also has a terrible design flaw. Like a badly placed window that lets passersby see you on the toilet. Or a urinal that’s shaped in such a way that you’re guaranteed to spray all over the person next to you.

I’m not even making those examples up. To prove it, check out these 15 bathroom fails that will make you want to never go to the bathroom again

And while we’re at it, we should remove all anonymity from public bathrooms. Every time you use the restroom, a camera should take a picture of the bathroom and how clean you’ve left it, and send it to your friends and family. Who’s with me?

1. For the bathroom extrovert.
 2. Horrifying paint job…or the perfect camouflage?
 3. The actual bathroom at the Hotel Henri IV.
 4. When using a public restroom, always use the buddy system.
 5. At least the waiting area has comfy seats?
 6. Ever feel like peeing wasn’t enough of a challenge?
 7. Ramp? What ramp?
 8. Front Row Seats
 9. “Our Air B&B had a translucent door.”
 10. Sneak Preview
 11. Just a little friendly encouragement.
 12. Slip ‘n’ Slide
 13. It was a lot easier to deal with Thanos.
 14. Kindergarten only lasts a year, but the weird issues you develop last a lifetime.
 15. Peek-a-Poo!

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