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15 Photographs Proving That Kids Are The Best When It Comes To Doing Weird Stuff

 Parenting is no child’s play, especially if the kids love to play their way! Now, obviously every child must have all the rights to do whatever he/she wants to do, but what to do when kids do things which can make someone go crazy? Well, for starters, parents can click the photographs of such moments so that these can be cherished later and also because through those photographs other parents may get some clues as to how to handle their kids. Today, we are going to show you some of the weirdest acts performed by kids by being just that- KIDS!

The traffic light

This little chap just did not want to be a Superhero or a cute animal for that matter. But, he chose to be something that actually controls all the vehicles out there. Pretty Smart, eh!

 Ouch Potato!

Relaxing on the couch to watch TV just got replaced! What other better way to be stuck to the couch that this one? No one will dare to remove you!

 The Curious one!

She doesn’t understand where she is standing at the moment, but what can we say. Actually, her curiosity is justified because admit it; we all have wanted to know how it looks from the inside.

 Scary rabbit!

I think the parents of these kids forgot to tell that rabbits are pretty friendly, otherwise how could they be so scared of this little creature? But my heart really goes out to the boy there.

 Already into practice…

He probably wants to become a scuba diver later in life and his practice has already begun. Don’t know how exactly the parents should be reacting to this, though!

 Tea Party

Girls just love to host such tea parties as kids, especially for their friends. But this one has the strangest of friends and yet she is all happy with them. Well, that is the quality of kids!

 Covered in something at least!

This one here portrays the need to keep kids away from bean bags which have some loose portions on it. If you don’t, this is what you get!

 The struggle is REAL!

Rather than being a notorious one, this moment is actually pretty cute! Don’t you think so? He is simply trying to pick up a book, just that he doesn’t know or realize that he is standing on it!

 Perfect place to hide!

Who on earth will be looking behind the flush tank to find one their friend while playing hide and seek? Or otherwise too, nobody can think that the child, who is trying to hide, is actually at that place. GENIUS!

 A Highly fancy dress!

This is actually taking the fancy dress competition to an all new level. Why work it up with a Superman costume, when you can become the tallest guy around?!

 No words!

I am actually at a loss for words for this one, because I don’t know if this just a moment or part of some actual game that kids like to play these days. If you have any clue about it, do tell me.

 Kids can teach so much!

Taking the food to your mouth through hands is so underrated, I tell you! This one tells the best way to gobble down those popcorns.

 When it is cold outside…

This child is still being potty trained. And this is how she poops when it is cold outside because let’s face it, we all feel too cold in this position when the temperature is low. So, why not!

 Where are those hiding skills!!

This poor chap doesn’t know why he loses at hide and seek every time! At least, this moment got captured. Now, his parents can teach him a thing or two about hiding.

 What just happened here?

We too are trying to figure out what exactly happened here. Maybe he was curious, or tired, or just got stuck on a bad day. I just hope he doesn’t come close to this thing next time.

 Do you also have pictures that show that kids are great at being entertainers through their innocent actions? If so, please share it with us because no matter how annoying kids may look like at times, at the end of the day it is these curious babies only who make our day by being what they are- KIDS!



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