20 Most Horrific Makeup Fails

 Bold can be beautiful, but is it always? And now that we are on the page of famous sayings, have you heard the saying ‘less is more’? Well this saying can be perfectly applied here. The makeup done by these women will make you feel good about the time you didn’t go with the bolder look you wanted to go with.

From horrible eyebrow fails to terrible ombre lipstick, BemeThis has got it all for you.

1 Sometimes a little goes a long way
 Never seen such a heavy makeup! Boss, double eyebrows, double eyelashes!
 Where's the other bird?
 Yes, we are surprised too
 A simple red would have been nice
 Blonde and incredibly scary
 When eyebrows have a face
 Jersey Shore meets Barbie
 Eyeliner Eyebrows
 When everyone was young, everyone said I was like Barbie.
 Bülent Ersoy
 Last one please note! The devil is watching you
 I heard that the eyebrows are now popular, and the mouth is pink, and you are afraid of love me?
 If you want to learn to clench your mouth, you don’t want to do it.
 She's just a hot mess of colors.
 Too Much Everything
 Too much foundation
 Too much smoke.
 Contour Queen
 Nightmares In Real Life

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