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20 Very Useful Clothing Hacks Worth Knowing

There are many simple clothing hacks that can add longevity to your clothing. Here are 20 tricks that will keep your clothes looking their best for many years to come.

1. Red wine may be a dinner party staple, but it can also leave quite the everlasting splotch. If you end up spilling wine on your clothes, don’t panic! All you need to save your garment is some club soda, just make sure that it’s not flavored. However, it is important to work fast so if you don’t have any club soda on hand, tap water can still be effective. While water certainly help diminish the stain, a lot of people believe that the soda’s carbonation has stain lifting agents. To remove the stain, take club soda and pour it over affected area. Let the liquid bubble up and then continue to add more club soda until you notice the stained color fading away from the material. If your stain is a real doozy, you can try adding a thick layer of salt onto the blemish and then pouring more club soda. Let the stain sit for an hour, then proceed to brush off the salt and blot up any excess liquid.

 2. Sharpies can be a great way to help cover bleach stains! This might seem strange, but if you get a bleach stain on your black clothes, you can take a black sharpie and color over the bleach spots. Just fill in the affected areas and no one will know the difference.
 3. Long lines for the changing rooms? Avoid them altogether with this pants hack! If you wrap the waistband of pants around your neck you can proportionally see if they will fit your waist. If the waist doesn’t meet each other behind your head, you probably need a size up.
 4. Don’t be so quick to toss out those ripped jeans! Sometimes jean holes can get to the size that they might seem unwearable, but a little creativity can add some style to those rips. Instead of throwing them out, try wearing a pair of patterned tights underneath with a fun design.
 5. Lemons are the answers to getting rid of pesky pit stains! Just take a little bit of lemon juice and apply it to the armpit area of your shirt before putting them in the washing machine. If you don’t have any lemons lying around, you can also opt for baking soda.
 6. Sometimes deodorant can find its way onto your shirt, but luckily, these stains are easy to remove. All you need for this hack is a baby wipe, simply rub the affected area and the deodorant stain should come right off. If you don’t have any baby wipes, a damp washcloth can also do the trick!
 7. A perfectly good article of clothing can quickly become unwearable with the loss of a button, especially one that’s unreplaceable. However, there’s an easy trick to keep your buttons intact. Just apply some clear nail polish on top of the buttons and this will help make sure they stay secure.
 8. To get rid of red lipstick stains all you need is some hairspray. Just spray directly on the lipstick stain, leave it for a moment and then gently dab it. You should notice the stain start to diminish, if it hasn’t been fully been removed, proceed to throw it in the wash.
 9. To get stains out of leather boots, mix equal parts lemon juice and cream of tartar into a paste. Apply the mixture to the affected area and let it sit for a good 30 minutes. Use a damp cloth to remove the paste afterwards. (This mix have a mild bleaching effect, so only use it on light-colored leather).
 10. There’s nothing worse than washing your clothes but they still end up looking dirty because of those little fuzzy bits. One quick way to rid your clothes of these post-laundry nuances is to run a razor over them. If this doesn’t collect everything, try using a lint roller to help get the job done.
 11. Stop your pants from fraying by rolling them the right way! This diagram shows how cuffing your pants can not only look great, but can also save them from getting worn by dragging. Using this trick will keep your pants looking new and also give them some extra life.
 12. Ironing a shirt collar can be tricky when attempting to do so with a bulky iron. However, there’s a simple trick that will have your collar looking fresh as ever. You can easily iron out a wrinkled collar in a snap just by using a hair straightener over the area.

 13. Dry hand-washed clothes in a salad spinner. Whether there are some clothing item that you feel are too delicate to trust the washing machine with or if you’re in a quick fix and just need to resort to hand washing, a salad spinner can help get excess water out of materials in no time.
 14. If you have a new pair of shoes to break in or if they are just feeling a little too tight, there’s a way to break them in without wearing yourself out. All you need to do is fill some sandwich baggies with water, put them inside your shoe, and freeze them to stretch them out.
 15. One sure sign of an old sweater is the lack of string in the hoodie. Threading these strings through the hood isn’t easy, but using a plastic straw can make it much more manageable. Simply shove one end of the string into the straw and use it like a needle to guide it through the hood liner.
 16. There’s a different technique to remove every type of stain, but one people aren’t that familiar with is oil stains. An oil stain might seem like game over once the damage is done, however, all you need is some baby powder handy. Just sprinkle baby powder over the stained area and leave it overnight.
 17. One of the biggest mistakes people make after ironing their outfit for the day is putting it on right after. When the fabric is still hot, it’s easy for new wrinkles to be made. To let the press set, wait five minutes after ironing to put on your freshly flattened clothes.
 18. It doesn’t take much for a pair of tights to become subject to holes and runs. However, you can stop these holes and runs from getting bigger by painting the edges of the rip with clear nail polish. To avoid runs in the first place, try spraying your tights with hairspray for protection.
 19. Getting a new leather jacket is exciting, but chances are, it’s going to look a little too new at first. The best way to naturally wear in and distress a leather jacket is to wear it out in the rain. It will help mold the jacket to your fit and add a little vintage aesthetic.
20. If your intended outfit of the day is wrinkly and you don’t have a lot of time, you can kill two birds with one stone by bringing the garment in the shower with you. Hang your clothes in the bathroom while you shower and the steam with help smooth out any wrinkles.



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