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24 Surgeries On Bangladesh’s “Tree Man” Went In Vain, Bark-Like Growth Happening Again

 You will be amazed to know that there is a man in Bangladesh who has bark-like growth all over his body. Because of this, the Bangladeshi rickshaw-puller, Abul Bajandar, was given the name of “tree man” about a year ago. It was not long that he was deemed fit by doctors and it looked like he had made full recovery from the condition that he was suffering for the past decade.

Surgeries on Bajandar went in vain

It is really sad that after 12 months of the 24 surgeries which was performed on him is not enough. He was already declared fit by the doctors. But, Bajandar’s hand is once again covered with bark like things which also characterize his rare condition.

 Surgeon Samanta Lal Sen thinks the case is more complicated than he earlier thought

Surgeon Samanta Lal Sen was the one who performed all the surgeries on Bajandar. After performing all those surgeries, he said that the cure of Bajandar was a milestone in medical history. And, now, he thinks that he failed to understand the complications of the case and it is certainly beyond what he earlier thought.

 Bajandar getting frustrated with the treatment

Meanwhile, Bajandar who has been unable to work in all these years is getting frustrated with the rare condition. His young family also lives with him in the hospital and they all are perplexed with the rare condition. Bajandar sometimes feels that everything is going to end and he fears that he will never be able to live a normal life.

 Bajandar thinks he will never be cured

“I am scared to have any more surgeries. I don’t think my hands and feet will be okay again,” the 27-year-old rickshaw puller said at the Dhaka hospital. Bajandar began his treatment in January 2016 and it continuing till now.

 Bajandar is suffering from epidermodysplasia verruciformis

As per doctors, Bajandar is suffering from epidermodysplasia verruciformis which is an extremely rare genetic condition. This rare condition is also known as “tree-man disease”.

 Doctors are treating Bajandar for free

The doctors at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital were so taken aback by the condition of the patient that actually treated him without any fee. Doctors performed surgeries on him to remove more than five kilos of growth from his hands and feet.

 Bajandar and his family lives in hospital

Since the time the operation was done, Bajandar and his family is in hospital. They live in a small room at the hospital itself. Doctors performed 25th surgery on him to get rid of some of the growths on his hand this week.

 Doctor thinks it is a time-consuming case

“We thought we had achieved (a cure). But now it seems to be a time-consuming case,” Sen said. “We will keep on investigating to reach the ultimate success, though it’s tough to say how long it will take.”

 Bajandar’s wife witnessing tough time in her life

As per his wife, Halima Khatun, life has become very testing with the rare condition that her husband is suffering from. She has the responsibility to take care of both her husband and four years old daughter.

 Bajandar’s wife said she is grateful for the free treatment

“We’re grateful for the free treatment, we couldn’t have afforded to pay for it,” said Khatun. Khatun spends her time making jewelry to earn some amount of money. As per doctor Sen, only fewer than half a dozen people all across the world are suffering from epidermodysplasia verruciformis.

 Another Bangladeshi girl was seen suffering from same condition

It was also observed last year that a young Bangladeshi girl was also suffering from the same kind of rare condition. The Dhaka Medical College Hospital actually treated the girl who was suffering from same condition.

 Father doesn’t want her daughter to grow in the hospital

Doctors also suggested surgery on that girl. But, as per reports, her father said that barks on the body even grew in greater numbers afterwards. Her father was reluctant for the treatment and withdrew her daughter from the treatment. While doing so, he said that he doesn’t her daughter to grow up in a hospital ward.

A nurse says that nobody deserves to be in hospital forever

“Nobody deserves to be in a hospital forever,” said a nurse working in the plastic surgery unit. “Unfortunately, he (Bajandar) may have to stay here for a while.” At the same time, Bajandar is really worried about the future of her child.

  Bajandar is worried about his daughter

“She’s growing up so fast,” Bajandar said. “I always wanted her to become a doctor. But if my condition worsens, how can I even send her to pre-school, let alone a medical college?” The conditions of Bajandar is really the one to empathize for. We expect that he should improve as soon as possible and his family conditions get better.



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