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25 Most Hilarious Friend Vs Best Friend Memes

 They say, “A friend asks why you are crying while a best friend is already ready with a shovel to bury that loser who made you cry.”  Friends are one of life’s best gifts! You can’t get through life’s roller coaster without them by your side.

According to Aristotle, there are three different types of friendships. You’ve got friends, you’ve got good friends and then there are the ones who tag along on your life’s biggest adventures, the ones you call “Best friends”.

Listed in this post are 25 most hilarious best friends vs. friends’ memes that most of us will find quite relatable. Scroll on peeps and enjoy. Don’t forget to share this post with your besties, they’ll surely love it!

Happens all the time!
 Love my best friend for this!
 Yes, we make all the weird faces!
 You will die the same way too!
 Always have your back!
 Love to see each other got hurt.
 Yes, no manners whatsoever.
 Must have licked it or picked it up from the trash!
 Best friends moms are love!
 Masters in bachelors of anatomy..!!
 I though that happened with only me
 It's a great idea!
 Which girl were you thinking about?
 The laughter at that time!
 Diet? What diet??
 I will return it after 100 years.
 That's exactly how we meet.
 If you don't listen to songs like this with your best friend, I have bad news for you!
 Yes, we did!
 See you later!
 Most of us would relate to these.
 Make one for me too.
 Because you are always late!
 We never grow old!
 When will you learn to drive like a pro?



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