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7 Hacks Every High Heel Loving Girl Should Memorize

There is no such things like comfortable high heels. Every one of us have thought once in a while how the celebrities pull off wearing such high heels for such long periods of time. Well we have the secret in 7 hacks that may help you pull off high heels on some special occasions nicely.

Tape the toes

You should tape your second and third toes together. Doing so will help you when pressure builds up on the feet when you wear high heels. When you are wearing the heels, immense pressure causes veins to pop and doing so will keep your feet less tense.

 Deodorant and feet

We are not suggesting that feet stink when they are in high heels for long periods of time. Well if they do, this hack works in two ways!! However, in this hack, putting roll on deo on your feet will keep them from blistering and it will be easier for you to slide the feet in the shoes as well. See told ya, the hack was multipurpose.

 How to break them in?

The biggest issue with any new shoes are to break them in. New shoes are extremely tight and if worn brand new shoes, blisters can happen and wearing such tight shoes cannot be good for your feet as well. In order to break them in, fill a plastic bag with water and insert that bag in the shoes and keep the shoes in the freezer.

In the morning, break the ice inside the heels and doing so will stretch your heels perfectly and make it easier for you to wear them.

 Socks as insoles

Another way to break in your new heels is to wear the socks inside your new heels and blow dry them. This will make the heels loosen up and you can break them in easily. Doing so will also keep your feet from blistering and getting roughed up.

 How to avoid slipping?

Slipping is one of the many nightmares when you wear high heels. New heels tend to be very smooth at the bottom and if you wear them on slippery surfaces like glass, smooth tiles; there is high risk of you slipping and falling on your face. To avoid such an embarrassing scenario, take a sandpaper and rub it at the bottom of your heels to scruff up the bottom and give you some hold on slippery places.

 How to get comfy with high heels?

Some heels comes with cushions inside and if you can find such shoes, bless you. The cushions are there to give you some comfort if you are wearing the heels for a long time. However, if your heels didn’t come with cushions, you can buy them locally or online and place them in your shoes.

 Best time to shop for high heels

Yes! There is a best time to shop for shoes. If you are looking to buy new shoes, go for shopping in the evening or night. During night time, our feet swell and shoes always fit better during night time. So next time, keep the shoe shopping after sun set.

 How to treat your feet nicely?

In order to keep your feet healthy and make sure that feet don’t get hurt much, soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes or so, before the night you are going to wear the heels. This will soften up the feet and make sure heels fit better.



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