8 Historical Battle Tanks Submerged In Water Which Are Home To Nature Now

 Wars are events reported by states when diplomatic means are neglected or nullified. Encounters with guns, bombs and tanks were their measure of power and supremacy. In history, there were myriad wars that made economic, financial and social conflicts among nations. Even more, these engendered trauma and residues cannot be forgotten.

Some marks of wars were still exposed to the modern civilization. For some reasons, governments did not have specific measures to dispose them. Battle tanks, for instance, were left in shorelines, under forest canopies, covered with snow and the likes. In other words, they're still there but some force overpowered it-- nature.

Countless biotic elements and outputs of natural processes were spotted to have conquered degraded battle tanks. While these symbolize nature's capability to cover history, it proves that they can co-exist.

#8: Marine Biota vs. American Battle Tank

 Chuuk Lagoon, Japan--Vintage battle tank from World War II (WWII) left submerged and grown with marine mollusks, and corals, and other aquatic multicellular and unicellular species.

#7: Rusts Took The Wheels 

 Puerto Rico--Aside from the invigorating scenery offered by a Puerto Rican beach named Playa Flamenco, there are rusty remains of an old American tank that played a pivotal role in WWII.

#6: Armored Vehicle Over German soils 

 Germany--Severely paralyzed by a bombshell since the WWII, this Panzer tank was stocked in this vicinity for decades now.

#5: Rusty Ecosystem Formation in a freezing region

Antarctica--An amazing but shocking historical view was found where tanks were abandoned. Within the research facility of the US military, non-functional tanks contained rusty plates which probably transformed to a 'Psychrophiles'--cold-loving bacteria--habitat.

#4: Molds, Weeds and Rusts Surpassing the Structure

 Puerto Rico--another sighting in a beach, the frontally-defected vehicle was surpassed by combined natural process and marine life.

#3: Jungle Tank

 In the present time rainforest where one major war has occurred, the shooting machine is smothered powerlessly by the usual forest living organisms.

#2: Sunken Leopard

 Netherlands--Vlieland kept Leonard I in an awkward position--rusty and half-submerged.

#1: Zheltukhin island Old Russian Enemy

Japan--T34 and its old-aged might was forgotten by the native pastures, vandalisms and reddish-brown rusts.

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