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Amazing iPhone Tips That Could Save Your Life

 Nobody wants you to be in a critical situation where you are in need of this tip but for future security reasons, everyone should be aware of it. You never know what is going to happen next. A healthy person can be stuck by heart problem suddenly or you are stuck by a speedy vehicle. A tragedy does not come up with warning and our normal day is just out if it happens. So, guys instead of getting feared, be practical and prepared, and have a look at this iPhone tips which could save your life while in an emergency. The i-Phone has a special feature through which your medical information can be accessed through your phone even while it is locked. Check out to know how to use this feature and other life saving feature of i-phone.

Who Could Tell Your Allergies, Any Medical Conditions

 If you are in normal condition, a nurse can ask all of the required information, but what if you are lying unconscious?

Going To Phone And Seems Anxious

 Well, it will be quite panicking when the nurse looks into your phone or search for any card for any information and he will be greeted with the screen shown below:

Plenty Of Good Reasons To Lock Your Phone, But It Can Be A Problem

 While locking your phone, you can keep everyone out of your phone, but what when you came across a terrible situation when you needs help of paramedic . He cannot know the allergies or conditions of yours, so he will not able to help you out.

You Answers Lies In The iphone’s Health App

 Free app named ‘Health’ is there in iPhone. It has a white icon with a tiny pink heart in the top-right corner.

It Consists Of Little Medical Id Tab

 This health app contains a ‘Medical ID’ icon where you need to input any important emergency information such as blood type, medical conditions, allergies and reactions, medications, etc. 

As shown in the image below, you can access it even from your locked screen after filling the information by clicking on the emergency options.

Once Doing That, The Emergency Screen Will Have A New Option

 It becomes easier for the paramedics who can help to treat you in any of the emergency situation. They can view the ‘Medical ID’ feature with all information you entered. 

If someone is not having an iPhone, go to ICE app in your old-fashioned android, go to ‘owner information’ and click on ’show information when locked.’

This Is An Example Of What An Emt Can Expect To See Once You’re Done All This

After going through the above information thoroughly, EMT would be able to help you immediately by calling the concerned person after you reach to the hospital.



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