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 A pair of conjoined twins in Tanzania died within 15 minutes of each other after suffering respiratory complications, according to reports.

Maria and Consolata Mwakikuti were diagnosed with an inoperable chest deformity last year that caused their deaths Saturday at Iringa Regional Hospital, the BBC reported. They were 21 years old.
 The twins were attached at the abdomen and shared organs such as a liver and lungs, which would have made undergoing separation surgery complicated and dangerous.

Their parents died when they were babies and they were adopted by the Catholic charity Maria Consolata, the BBC reported.
 Both sisters had dreams of getting married and hoped to wed the same man.

They were admitted to the hospital in December where they learned that their chest deformity had led to respiratory problems, according to CNN.
“They underwent tests and it was very unfortunate that nothing could be done,” Dr. Faith Kundy told CNN. “It was very sad for me. Apart from being patients they were friends, they were funny people. I feel so sad because they had a hope of living.”



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