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Daring People Who Are Having An Unbelievable Day

 We all have a habit of peeking into others' lives and are constantly putting our efforts into the same. This, however, is not a generalised statement (so, no offence) yet there must be at least one person in your life who you want to know everything about. From there life's problems to how they are solving it, and then there are some who are concerned about each and everything that's going on in their lives. But, how to keep track of it?

So, with the technological advancements now one doesn't need to go and get the negatives printed off a camera roll instead whenever they find something interesting in other's life, they click it. It hardly matters to them as to what one is going through in their life because they are busy clicking photos for their camera. I wouldn't blame much on them because the pictures you're about to see are somewhat relevant to the said situation.

1. Let me take a puff.

 Get my point? Just like the guy sitting and smoking during a flood doesn't care as to what is going on in the world. Similarly, the person capturing it is also least cared about the worldly matters. Among many like these, you'll also be seeing one image where a guy is smoking while standing beside an inflammable tank.

2. It's hot.

 3. He's my pet, you've got a problem with that?

 4. Now that's close.

 5. I fight with flames daily.

 6. Let me rest no matter what comes my way.

 7. Let me study, fcuk everything.

 8. It's soccer time and I need a goal.

 9. Having little beer.

 10. Golf is more important.

 11. Game on.

 12. Drink first, think later.

 13. She's creative and hawt.

 14. Fuck this shit , I am tired.



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